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End of Miss Universe Singapore 2012 Chapter

Everyone was asking me about my Miss Universe experience and well people, I am going to summarise it all in this post!

The days before the finals, we were jammed with full days rehearsals, trying our best to remember  and perfect all the sequence of the show as well as our dance moves in our 5 inches heels~

Even our hosts for the night, Jean and Mike were with us, to rehearse... 

And on the day of the Grand Finals, we did our final rehearsal before getting prep for make up and hair by The Hair Secrets

 Did some warm ups and goof around~

Then Vanessa gathered us and gave us her words of encouragement...

and it was show time!

So, we had our Harvey Davidson dance routine first... 
followed by our Bikini by Jog segment... 
with Evening Gowns by Irene Creations to end the  show.

Result wise, I didnt get into Top 7 but I didnt go home empty...

Besides, being awarded with Miss Crowning Glory by The Hair Secrets~

I gained the friendships of many new found friends who I hold very closely to my heart...

 and the confidence I have built that I will carry with me as I progress with my life!

Check out the Highlights with this footage by Superadrianme!

Miss Universe Singapore 2012
The Hair Secrets
Vanessa Tan/ Be The Right You