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Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex [Sponsored Review]

 I was the lucky few who were selected to try out and review Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex by SANA, and I have been wearing this eyeliner (for almost a week) ever since I received it in my mailbox.


The Sana Sana Super Quick Gel Pencil Eyeliner EX 01 is a gel pencil eyeliner. It spreads smoothly and is easy to gradate. It stays on and does not come off easily due to its gel nature. It can withstands sweat, water and smudge.


Thick: Created with the liner placed horizontally to skin
Smudged: Created by blending the line after application (liner is not smudge-able after its "dry")
Thin: Created with liner slanted at an angle to skin
Normal: As per normal liner application


Texture: Smooth dark crayon-like

Application: Twist to use ( Take note that it only turns as the arrow indicates, non retractable); glides on easily; smudge-able in the first few seconds; 2mm thick but can be slanted to create thinner lines

Product Rating: 8/10

I am quite an eyeliner junkie and have used quick a handful of eyeliners to comment that this would be the ideal eyeliner to use if you are new to makeup or eyeliners.

I love that it doesnt tug much on my skin during application and that it comes out pretty rich (quite black). As you can see from the swatches above, I am able to create various looks with it: Thick application for a base for smokey eye shadow, a soft smudged look for day, thin lines for hidden liner or to create the tip of a winged look, and a normal line to simply rim your eyes.

The downside of it is that it is not retractable and it does smudge a little after awhile in our climate, for me, with my oily skin. Colour does fade a little after long hours too. However, I got to add that compared to other liners, the smudge is less obvious and thankfully, it is really waterproof.