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Miss Singapore Global 2013: 938LIVE Radio Experience

Today, I was up before the sun was for something very interesting and in my own opinion, a life experience.

As part of a new pageant in Singapore, Miss Singapore Global 2013, I got the opportunity to go on air to voice my thoughts and share my story with listeners of The Breakfast Club on 938LIVE.

With the synopsis of our interview from XinMSN and a 2 hour crash course the night before, on what to expect in a live radio interview and how to refine my answers so that it is concise and clear to listeners while being true to myself, I was filled with excitement and nervousness.

The daunting thing was that I know that I was on a live interview where words once said cant be taken back and time is of the essence; but I was glad to receive feedback that for a newbie like me, I did a good job!

Some of the questions asked by Bharati were what did I find different about Miss Singapore Global compared to all the other pageants I have joined; What is my cause; How did my passion for the environment came about; Why is there a need for contestants to be evaluated based on physical beauty?

Personally, I had great fun experiencing something new and was pretty happy with my performance on radio. I would like to give a shout out to Vanessa Tan, Miss Singapore Global and Bharati Jagdish for this wonderful opportunity and for making me feel as comfortable and prepared as I could for the interview!

Out from this opportunity, I gained the experience of what it is like being part of a LIVE radio show. It really is a form of art, KUDOS to all the presenters and DJs out there. I have taken the step further in managing the media, which has and still is a nervous encounter for myself. And lastly, I got to expose my cause to the listeners!

Stay tune for more!

Ladies out there, if you feel passionate about your cause and are seeking for the platform to showcase it; Miss Singapore Global application date is still open! Head to Miss Singapore Global Facebook page for more information now.