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Miss Singapore Global 2013: Outer Beauty Transformation with J's Salon & Lancome Beauty Institute

The long awaited moment of this journey, the magically moment when we enhance our natural beauty!

So on 25th April, bare faced and all, we headed to J's Salon and Lancome Beauty Institute, the sponsors of Miss Singapore Global to get our hair and makeup done!

If you have watched American Next Top Model, it pretty much is the same process but with lesser drama.  
All of us have no clue as to what will be done to our hair until we sit on the chair to have our hair condition assessed before our individual new look inspiration is revealed.

Any guesses to what is mine??
Hint: I had my hair dyed a brown tone with reddish hue, light brown highlights and soft curls.

Ok, it's a lousy hint but I will reveal it later~


We all know that picture paints a thousand words, but it doesnt tell you how much time the process takes.
If you have ever gotten your hair dyed and highlighted, you know it takes hours. 
Thankfully, during waiting time, we ladies had some fun taking photos of our goofy looks and enjoying a nice pot of tea and cookies as part of J's Salon service!

Photos with Cheryl Teo!

Once our hair were done, it was time for makeup!
Look at all the makeup available at their counter!!!

Once, our makeup was done, it was time for our AFTER photo with our camera shy photographer, Ronnie.

Just a little behind the scene of our transformation photo shoot, we are all guided through our poses with our National Director Vanessa Tan, which helped ease us comfortably into feeling the mood for our photos.

After which...

I would like to give a shout out to my hair stylist, Ace for his hardwork on my long thick hair. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to dye, highlight and curl them!

More photos of my lovely hair!

And the revelation of my transformation inspiration

It's Maggi Q!

What do you think of my new look??

If you could play a part in the transformation of the finalists of Miss Singapore Global, what changes would you recommend?