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SLEEK MAKEUP, iDivine Au Naturel [Advert]

Just like every other ladies, I love makeup!
I once watched an anime (oh those lovely teenage days) called Saiunkoku Monogatari and from it, I picked up something very interesting. It was something that stuck with me ever since and it shaped the way I view and use makeup.

Nowadays, makeup is view as a vanity product and ladies who uses too much of it are labelled vain and superficial. To make makeup seen as something more horrible, people have started comparing ladies after and before looks, laughing and mocking how "ugly" these beauty really are.

And the sad thing is... these ladies really do feel ugly without makeup.

To all ladies out there, wipe that notion clean out from your head and remember or even better, implant this quote from that anime in your head.

"Makeup is a woman’s war paint. When you head into battle, you must wear it; that way, you definitely can’t cry. If you cry, your makeup will run. No matter how little you applied, your face will end up looking disgraceful. That’s why, no matter how hard things get, you definitely can’t cry."

Use makeup as a shield, use it as your confidence power enhancer to face the world out there.

With that, I would like to introduce to you where I get some of my makeup from!

Being a beauty queen, people naturally expects me to be pleasant looking with the latest tips and awesome makeup skills.

Honestly, I dont know much but I do know something.

Women love affordable good quality makeup.

I base my makeup product price ranges on the amount of time I will use them and the quality.

Today, I would like to share with you ladies on a good deal I found!

I own this i-Divine Au Naturel palette for the price of just $20! The best thing about it is that the colours are pretty pigmented and they suit almost every skin tone. It comes with 10 different shades so that you can mix and blend, plus it has a soft sponge applicator and a mirror in it!

With just this palette, I have used it to create smokey eye to everyday natural look.
Here is how Makeup Artist, Larry Yeo, uses it for a glam look.

If the shades from that palette are what you already have, Sleek Makeup offers different shades in other palettes too like i-Divine Ultra Matte V1.
Perfect for this session, Spring trends!

And the place where I get them?

Shop online with Luxola, and the sweet thing about it?

Free to-your-doorstep local delivery when you spend S$10 and more!
3 Different types of payment: Visa/Masters; Paypal; and Cash on Delivery!


Do you see the Luxola banner on the right side of this page?

Yup, 15% OFF when you spend over $25.

So click on it and it will lead you straight to Luxola's page and start shopping!