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Nothing But Green: Organic Deli and Specialty Shop

In our fast paced society, do you ever take a moment to wonder where our food comes from?

In my quest for my cause, I find myself asking if it matters...

To feed millions of people, who are constantly asking for more, the way food is produced has changed.
That change has resulted in some effects that are making us ill... and that's why some are reverting back to the old days and producing food, organically.

So what's organic about & why is it better?

Organic food:
  • optimizes the health of plants, animals (including your pets) and people.
  • is produced without the use of artificial pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and is hormone free.
  • is not genetically modified.
  • has a larger amount of beneficial vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • has the potential to lower incidences of common conditions such as heart disease and allergies.
  • may taste better than conventional, but this is up to each indivdual to decide on.
Organic Farming:
  • saves energy. Conventional farming uses more petroleum than any other single industry; consuming twelve percent of the country's energy supply.
  • involves humane treatment to animals. Animals are usually raised free-range and never confined to overcrowded feed pens.
Recently, I have been sourcing out for places to buy organic ingredients & food, and I came across an interesting find...

Nothing But Green is an Organic Deli and Specialty Shop, which offers a wide selection of

organic and natural alternatives.

Visit their web at:

To encourage consumers to make educated decisions on what we buy and what we
eat. This could begin with a shift in mindset. We can develop healthier eating habits by taking 
baby steps such as cutting down on processed snacks or items that don’t contain many natural 
or organic ingredients. When we become more aware of our decisions and buying habits, we’ll 
be putting the right stuff into our shopping carts.

I had the honor of meeting the founders in person & to taste some of their deli specialty! While chatting with one of the empowered ladies behind Nothing But Green, I learnt that this business started out from a mother's love. Afraid of the various types of harmful chemicals that she might exposed her child to, Jacqueline, embarked on a green journey that has resulted in their second outlet at Tanjong Pagar.

This second outlet caters to not only the office crowd but also appeals to families around the area with their kids meal selection! Nothing But Green offers food that are either organic or natural (not processed), here are some of their food selection!

I ordered the Thai Green Curry Chicken ($7.80) and look how yummy it is!!!
The curry comes with a choice of either brown or white rice.

So now, wondering how this is organic or natural???

I was told that lots of people have a misconception of Nothing But Green's food selection, green doesnt just mean vegan food choices. It also means natural, organic and ethical sources of the resources obtained.

Nothing But Green offers food selection with meat (for all you meat lovers) too!

For this Thai Green Curry, the curry was made into a paste with ingredients derived from organic farms in Thailand (Seriously Thai Green Curry) and I would really taste the spices used! I loved that the chicken were boneless and the vegetables used were fresh! Mixed with the brown rice, I think I was in Gourmet Heaven. Haha!

Another thing I liked about dining in Nothing But Green are that the condiments offered are also organic and natural: Himalayan Crystal Salt, Organic Pepper and Organic Sugar.

I also had a taste of their dessert, the Organic Assorted Mousse & Brownie!

Organic Assorted Mousse

Made with organic whip cream, and berries (blueberry, strawberry & raspberry) at just $2 each.


Seemingly ordinary, these brownie are made with purely organic ingredients only! It was very rich in chocolate, soft & chewy~ One slice is good to last you for a day! Sold at $5.80 for 3 pieces.

The brownies are my favourite!

If you arent drooling yet... here are more photos of their food selection!

Broccoli Soup & Korean Stew

Tofu burger & Kids Pizza

Drooling now?
Nothing But Green has 2 outlets for your patronage:

73 Circular Road #01-01 Singapore 049427
Tel : 6221 2312     Fax : 6221 5310
Operating Hours 
Mon-Fri 1030h - 2130h (Last order at 2100h)
Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays


7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-102
Singapore 081007
Tel : 6733 3567    Fax : 6733 3873
Operating Hours 
Mon-Fri 1030h - 2130h (Last order at 2100h)
Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays

If you are feeling like eating in, Nothing But Green also offers delivery service!
Simply call 6733 3567
(Free delivery when you spend more than $50)

I hope with this, together with Nothing But Green, I have managed to alter your perspective of eating green & stir the consideration of eating organically!