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Miss Singapore Global 2013: Making Of Charity Wings

A few people have been asking me personally, whether the wings were bought or made and how, after watching my video:

So I have decided to share with you the insider's info of what goes on to create such beautiful wings!

It started out at Mother & Child Project outlet at Millenia Walk of a session of brainstorm on how to turn drawings into actual finished wings.

To withstand the weight of the feathers and to create the structure of the wings, long wires were cut and shaped by hands.

After which, a stocking/ stretchy cloth was measured, cut, sewn and stretched as a base for the feathers.

Long rows of feathers were pinned and hand-sewn onto the fabric.

Then, other design elements were either wired or hand-sewn on; followed by the support strap that are used to secure the wings onto ourselves.

All of the wings were created with its own uniqueness, some had designs that were hand-glued on individually, others had designs hand-sewn on, or hand-painted and even had feathers weaved and wired individually!

All in all, I would really like to thank all of the wonderful people behind the making of the wings for their hard work and dedication to creating these wings for our charity.

Kudos to Marysa for coming up with these designs too~!
All of this would not have been made possible without them!


Now, here is the juicy part!

Which wings are each of the individual wearing and what are my opinions of the wings!

A quick photo says it all!

The Most Interesting:
Angie's & Suwen's Wings! 

The Most Exotic:
Hands Down, Michelle's Wings!!!

The Most Angelic:
Evelyn's Wings~

The Most Fairy-Like:
Mine C: 

The Most Wearable Wings:
 Jennifer's & Jolyn's Wings :) 

My Favourite: 
Cheryl's Wings! A pretty butterfly~!

Your bids for our wings will be used to help mothers and children in crisis. 

Click on the link below to find out more on facebook: