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Every Sunday Tip: Voluminous Hair

Hi everyone,
I got a mini news to make!
From this week onward, every Sunday shall be a day I will blog and share a tip with you!

I realised that I have been a pretty horrible blogger with lots of inconsistency and lack of posts...
For that, I'm sorry.

I have a girlfriend who has hair almost as voluminous as the lady in the photo above. 
The most amazing thing of all is that she doesn't use any hair styling product to achieve it!

It took me a while to master the courage to ask her what's her secret to her amazing hair and she said this with a smile:

"Do you noticed that I always have my hair up in a top bun? That's my secret~ That and I really love using shampoo and conditioner with coconut in them!"

Yup, that is all to having voluminous hair!

"Bun your hair up loosely in a top bun for an  instant root lift look!"

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!
May we all have AWESOME Hair~!

Shine On