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Common Questions Asked By People About My Experiences in Jamaica & Winning

What was the pageant like in Jamaica?

It was different. Prior to flying off to Jamaica, I was prepped heavily by Vanessa on what to expect the moment I touched down in Jamaica. I had to remind myself that I was not there for a holiday... which is quite a challenge because Jamaica is such a PARADISE!

View of the Caribbean sea from Sunset Beach Resort, Montego Bay

Photo of one of the pools at Sunset Beach Resort, Montego Bay

I have less than a week of interaction with everyone, and even lesser time with the respective judges, to convince them that I am someone who deserves the title. I was up against really competitive ladies, who are all winners in their own right.

Did you expect to win?

With competition that high, I told myself to do my best. I really did not expect to win. Honestly. I wasn't the prettiest; I wasn't the one with the best body; I wasn't the most talented; and I wasn't the only one with a meaningful cause.

All I had are my ordinary looks, my ordinary figure, my passion for my cause and the determination to do my best to do not only for Singapore or all my supporters proud... but also for myself. I wanted to push my limitations further, learn from this experience, and try to make my cause known because I feel very strongly that people are neglecting our environment.

How does it feel to win the International Title?

I was in shock... and it does feel a little overwhelming. I was glad to be able to have some form of accountability to all those who supported me. But title and crown aside, it's the responsibility of what is to come that weighs the heaviest in my heart.

I recall standing in a circle with Haiti & Belgium, holding their hands tightly while waiting for them to announce the winner. I thought to myself, if I win, what is next for me... what it will all mean and how will I progress from there?

What do you have planned in mind next?

My next step would be to act out what I said I will do, I want to educate youths about our environment and to inspire & motivate them to be passionate for our environment. I am not asking for a 180 Degree change, just baby steps to doing something for the environment is good, like turning off the lights when not in use.

I would also like to share my life to people. Life is hard, nothing is perfect and I grew up with my own set of challenges. The moment that sparked a change in my life is making that decision to push myself out of my limitations. I am not perfect, but I can learn and that's what made me join pageants to learn how to be more confident and outspoken.

Will you join any other pageant and/ or go into the Media Industry?

When I registered for Miss Singapore Global, I told Vanessa that this pageant will be my last. Winning, has not changed that decision. As for the media industry, it depends on the opportunity... I guess I would like to try it out at least once, if I can.