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Old & Forgotten?

Last Friday, I spent my morning at an old attraction that my parents used to bring me.

Haw Par Villa

It is still as colourful as it was, with a little fading and signs of abandonment in certain areas... that it gives off a little haunting vibe. One of the creepiest, depressing yet hauntingly beautiful area is the amphitheater where plays were once held.

That being said, the most memorable area of Haw Par Villa, would have to be the 10 Gates of Hell...
It used to be a water ride, and I managed to find a photo of it online just to prove to myself that I didn't imagine the water ride. 

10 Gates of Hell was THE place where my parents would bring me to teach me all the various sort of punishments that I would face for all the wrong deeds I have done... I recalled thinking, hell is going to be horrible for me...

So many years later... I went back and walked through 10 Gates of Hell and... Yup~ Hell is gonna be hell :(