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Welcoming 2014: The year to make it or break it

It never fails me to realise just how fast time can pass... it's the end of 2013!

2013 has been an interesting year~

I took a step out and turned a hobby into a mini business...

I traveled all the way around to the other side of globe to one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Jamaica and its Caribbean sea!

I expanded my outreach in environmental education with a lots of positive feedback on how much the students learnt and understood~

I won my very first title as a Beauty Queen with a cause...

And brought back honor and glory to Singapore with the International Crown too!

And 2013, signals the 1st decade of my friendship with these bunch of friends with the exception of Sandy because... we passed the decade mark long ago~! Haha!
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2013 is like every year, with ups and downs and while December has been a month of painful experiences and a handful of new life challenges, I have a feeling that this month is made difficult to prepare & strengthen me for the opportunities and challenges that I will face in 2014. 

With that being said, I end things off with my New Year's Resolution:

1) Learn a new language
2) Be more organised
3) Learn a new skill
4) Pick up a new hobby
5) Travel to a new place/ country