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A new year and so a new me?

One of the most common question I get at this age is "Are you still studying?"

When I tell them no, they asked me if I'm working...
I tell them I am... but deep down, I wonder if I am.

You see, my job is kind of unique.

I get paid well if I work hard and only if it is the season.
I work as an environmental educator, which is a very impressive and fancy term to sum up what I do:
I go to schools, conducting talks to students on environmental issues...
which is honestly, something that isn't properly covered in Singapore at this moment.
We have been taught to care about grades, about being first... about the economy.
Not about the world that we live in that depends greatly on us at this stage of its degradation.
How I got into doing this was really a rare opportunity.
And I found out after my first session that I really love doing it.
Anyone who has talked to me about my job and really listened to me, can tell that it frustrates me that we are not caring enough about what really is important...


It took me a while to get my parents to warm up to the idea of my job and I can never seem to explain to my grandparents what I really do, because... well... they grew up in a society that relies on exploiting the environment... plus, I am bad at dialects.

Which brings me to the topic of finding your passion.
Some, although very very very rare, find their passion in life early...
Like my brother, he found his passion in flying and has devoted his life to being a pilot one day.

Some, take forever to find their passion...

Some, requires an opportunity to find their passion.
Like me.

'Never have so many people felt so unfulfilled in their career roles, and been so unsure what to do about it.'

 Even though my parents recognised my passion, there is always the topic of money... income.

To be honest, despite my shiny crown and awesome job title,
my income is very little compared to the time when I worked full time being a robot that people stab frequently.

"It's the adult world", that's what people working in corporations tells me...

Well, it's stupid and seriously, it affects efficiency. Plus, it's childish.

"Infants in the so called adult world", that's what I tell people.

So, yes...

While it's nice to earn lots of money to buy happiness...

I can tell you that it brings me true happiness to do something that feeds my passion.

I learnt that I should just do what I want.

I may die any moment, no one truly knows when.

I rather die doing than wondering "if I had just done that..."

That being said, truly successful people get successful in life only because they work hard driving their passion.

That was my take away after listening to Sir Richard Branson...

I can tell you now that after getting my heart broken again recently...

I realised that at my age, I should use my youth to work hard.

I was never the party kind of girl.
I was never the one-night-stand girl.
I am the wife material woman that my parents brought me up as.

And at 23, with a degree (that I didnt use) at 20, I should make use of my full potential to live life the way I want to strive, not for love from a man but a love doing what my passion drives me.

So, a new year, the year of my year...

Look forward to a new me.

And as I end this post...

Let me ask you this:

What is your passion?