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Relationship with your mobile phone = Your relationships with people?

I made an interesting observation recently... one of my random moments... about relationship with your mobile phone can actually be a reflection of how you treat relationships...

Lost phone

What do you do once you realised that you lose your phone?

You would backtrack and recall when is the last time you used your phone or where you left it.

Generally, people would call their number in hopes of hearing a familiar ring nearby.. .

Some will send a text to their number offering a reward to the person who picked the phone up if they return...

Some will let it go without even trying...

Of course, after everything, if there is no reply, you can't call through anymore or it isn't in the lost & found... You will have to move on, and ultimately get a new phone. 

I have come to observe that the way a person handles such a situation, can reflect their commitment level and fighting spirit to make a relationship work. 

Defective Phone

At this technology age, where phones are no longer as bulletproof and awesome like old Nokia phones, it is very common for smartphones to be a little glitchy after a short period. 

Generally, (using IPhone as an example) people will live with minor imperfection like occasional screen hangs or scratches... Some will tolerate a little more with imperfections like spoiled buttons or cracked screens...

Some will replace their phone once there is imperfection, others will get their phone fixed and some will use other functions to accept the imperfections (assistive touch for faulty buttons)

Like imperfections you may find in your partner, no one is perfect... Some imperfections can be fixed, others can't but you learn to accept them and live with it... and if you cant, you move on.

New Phone Syndrome

Generally, people get excited and interested when the latest phone technology is released into the market.

Some will follow this trend and change their perfectly working phone for something new...

Some will look and envy from afar, telling themselves that it will be their next phone...

Some will get the latest only because their old one is dead and the latest meets all their expectation..

Some aren't even impressed by something new and won't even be interested to know more about it...

Not a 100% correlated, but I find that somehow, this can be used to judge how fickle-minded and/or committed a person can be in a relationship.

Spooky huh? If you see the relation...


I have never lost a phone before (let's not jinx it)...

My phones have tons of defects and I am still using and living with it's imperfection... Although, I do get annoyed by the faults.

All the phones that I use, are hand-me-downs and while I do have my sight on the latest iphone and the various models before it... I have yet to get around to replace my current one.

It's like saying I am going to leave it but never doing it.. hahaha!

2014 shall be the year I change all of that and get myself a brand new phone!



  1. a new phone with a new relationship?

    1. Just a new phone for now... if I can really just go ahead and buy it. Still working on the determination of changing my phone :) Haha!