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Digital Detox Day Out- Powered by Berocca Boost

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Just the other day, I saw a very interesting slogan:

"Disconnect to connect"

Sometimes I wonder if progress is a positive thing...
It has been rather common of late that people are so zoned into the cyber world that we neglect the things and people around us, don't you think so?

With that thought, I was recently challenged by Berocca Boost to ditch my digital addiction for a day to go outside, get active and have a quality time with people around me using a budget of $200!

Before I jump right into what I did, here is a little short quiz for all of you to see if you are as addicted to your Digital gadgets!

1) Do you check Facebook during your free time... or every hour?
2) Do you feel the urge to tweet about your feelings and thoughts?
3) Do you instagram your meals?
4) Do you feel lost without your phone?
5) Do you feel like your world has just collapsed without internet?

If you said yes to all or more than 2 of them... Honey, you're an addict!

However, in our progressive society it is normal for people to be so attached to our tech gadget.. Right? (Self Excuse)

I know I am.. But with Berocca Boost, I attempted a Digital Detox for a day with my friend!
It was a tough challenge to be honest! Hahahaha!

Here's the What's & How's my Digital Detox Day Out (DDDO) went!

Part 1
So~ The First Activity of the day was The Grand Course of Forest Adventure!!!

Located along Bedok Reservoir, among tall trees, everything looks really scenic!

There are different sites and courses that you can chose from and complete, even for kids!

I was surprised by how brave these kids were and how determined they were at completing the course with their parents below, cheering them on!

The Grand Course

Consists of 34 different obstacles to tackle including bridges, trapezes, logs, a leap of faith and 4 giant zip lines flying over the reservoir, and it was just SUPER AWESOME! 

Best part of all, it is not a guided tour, so it was really an own-time-own-target, do-what-you-want-as-long-as-you-follow-safety-rules kind of journey throughout the entire course!

It started with a short and brief safety briefing from one of their instructors, covering topics of safety to the flow of the sites!

I think it was great that I chose the right person to bring along :)
Right after the briefing, guessed who went up the first obstacle first???

Yup, my friend... followed by me.

The Grand Course goes through a series of progressive challenges that started from a simple rope ladder to a comfortable tarzan swing into a small cargo net to a short sip line...
(which was slightly scary & we didnt land gracefully)

To obstacles that pushes your height phobia to the next level...

To obstacles that looks just simply ridiculous and put your muscles to the challenge!
It didnt help as well when my friend thought that it wasn't super challenging enough, and decided to shake the obstacle -.- Haha!

And because I got an eager friend, we went through the first 3 sites of the Grand Course pretty fast that the rest of the group lagged behind and it gave us lots of extra time to give our favourite obstacle another go~ We also had the time to rest on the final platform to see the rest take the leap and cheer people on :)

The Freaky Free Fall Tarzan Leap of Faith into a Big Cargo Net

Out of everything, this was the one that we hesitated for awhile before accomplishing it...

1) Wear long pants for this course!
I got away injury-free but the guy after me got a pretty bad rope burn from this obstacle when he came into contact with the cargo net.

The second most challenging thing was to land gracefully from the zip line!
We always end up with our shoes full of sand and sand everywhere...


But practice made perfect and we did managed to land like a pro by the final zip :)

Digital Interaction:

-Used phone as a GPS to get to Location

-Called & Whatsapp to find my friend
-Had to reply to Urgent Emails & Messages 

-Camera for photos!

Ok, to be open and honest here... we used our phones before the activity started to settle a few urgent business at hand. However, once it started, due to the nature of the challenges, it was easy to put our phones aside and enjoy the time together through the various obstacles. Overall, it was energy draining and we needed to concentrate really hard on a few obstacles but it also involved a lot of communication & motivation! There was a great sense of accomplishment from this activity, not only from the speed at we were going but also from completing everything including the super difficult obstacles!

Part 2

Our (only) Chill Out Activity was to visit the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition & Ice Bar!

Once inside, it's huge blocks of ice everywhere~ There were different themes for each section ranging from local ice exhibits like Raffles Hotel to Famous International Landmarks to Dinosaurs! There were also a section called the Snow Slopes, but it is pretty short compared to the slopes at Snow City.

That being said, every adult must go to the Ice Bar!

Honestly, this was the section I was looking forward to! Hahaha~ It was a pretty popular spot too, I recommend making a reservation to get tables inside if not... be prepared to wait.

They had tables and chairs made out of ice!...

Even the mugs!!!

I was looking forward to this bar because, after finishing up your drink, you get to vent any frustration in you by smashing your mug! I felt like Thor~

coffee animated gif on Giphy

Check out how Thor-like we were! 

Graveyard of once-a-mugs~

Digital Interaction:

-NONE throughout the exhibits... because it was too cold!
We totally forgot about photos and videos... so we made up for it at the Ice Bar!

Out of all the places we went, this was the most ideal for a Digital Detox! It was too cold to use my iphone! I had to remove my gloves to touch the screen! Smashing the mugs was awesome~

1) To stay warm, huddling helps... If not, alcohol helps too :)
2) Coats are for rental, except at Ice Bar
3) If you have winter gloves, bring them! Your fingers will thank you!
4) Wear boots, if you have, Your toes will thank you too!

Part 3

Our Final (energy-intensive) Activity was something that I was looking forward to ever since they opened, Amped Trampoline Park!

Yes, an area full of trampolines~ Bunny mode engaged.

Fair head's up, this is the clearest photo we took... Anything that involved us hopping and doing tricks were all blurry~ Hahahaha!

But I think I got a few cool shots...

We made a friend (dubbed as Mentor) while hopping around and he was advising us on how to do certain maneuvers which my friend had the guts to give it a shot!

The Flip

The I-Must-Go-My-Planet-Needs-Me

Ok, the truth is this move was where we attempt to jump higher and higher and higher to get used to being in the air~

I found this photo super hilarious... Look at my friend's expression and our mentor reaction to it...


The Split 

... because we can :)

And~ Just because I feel that the photos aren't doing enough justice to the amount of Fun we had, I made a video!

Digital Interaction:

-Used phone as a GPS to get to Location
-Camera for photos & videos!

I never thought that jumping around would be this tiring! Super great workout too! It was fun and challenging, we had lots of great laughs being goofy and will definitely go back for more~

The temptation to use instagram was too strong for me and I did an instavideo before I realised what I did! 

Sad Baby

Note: Things to prepare for this activity...
1) Socks, a change of clothes (& undergarments if you perspire a lot), Wet wipes (because there are no shower facilities)
2) Super THICK skin because, you are going to goof up and wobble and fall
3) Learn how to laugh at yourself, my friend and I most certainly did! Hahahaha!

Overall, it was a really good challenge and I had THE MOST AMAZING QUALITY TIME with my friend!
And you know what? 

Berocca Boost is opening up this challenge to you, my readers & followers!!!

 “What adventures can you and a friend get up to, if you had S$200?"

If Berocca Boost likes what you tell them, they’ll make it happen.

2. In the comments section on their post, tell them your idea for the most interesting & exciting day out for you and a friend if you have $200 to spend.
3. FIVE lucky fans get to enjoy a fun day out – powered by Berocca Boost!

Better be quick 'cos submission ends 9 March 2014, on SUNDAY!

Psst! The best FIVE entries will also receive a ‘BoostBox’ based on their activities containing supplies for them to use during their detox– Like mine here:

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My Boostbox contained:
Berocca Boost Tablets for an Instant Fuel for my DDDO
Tickets for my DDDO
$50 worth of Taxi Vouchers
Wet Tissues & Tissues
Gloves which kept my fingers from turning ice cold blue

The top 5 will be required to take photos and videos from their day out, and to a short summary of what they did~ which will be up on Berocca Boost's Facebook Page.

The one out of these 5 who has the most "Likes" at the end of the voting period will win the grand prize!!!

Grand Prize
-Adventure Trip to Bali, Indonesia for two (4D3N)*
-Flight tickets 
-Hotel stay for 4 days, 3 nights 
-Other adventure activities 

Goodies for 4 runners-up & 2 voters 
-6 month’s supply of Berocca Boost (12 tubes) to keep our winners active every day! 
-Vouchers for activities in Singapore e.g. iFly Singapore, Rock Climbing, etc.

*Dates to Travel is subjected to availability

What are you waiting for? Submit your entries now!