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Pronounced as the-wild-shop, the whole brand embodies the concept of being wild and free!

I had such a great time with the WYLDteam and it was really inspiring to witness just how passionate all of them were with their role in this business :) 

Behind The Scene:

Party with Ivy

Check out their eyewear too! The one I'm wearing here is Le Spec's Hi Brow!

This Party with Ivy dress comes with a peek-a-boo to show a little cleavage and a slit angled at the front.
Love the bright and bold colour, comes in Neon  Lime & Violet!

The inner piece showing through the keyhole is Albury Spring Bikini top!
Funky, right?!

Behind The Scene:

Psychedelic Body Con Dress

I love love love the prints on this dress!

Poor Loo got so engrossed with getting the shots that she got a serious case of sunburn!
This is passion, people~
But, next time... let's remember to apply heaps of sunblock!

 Here are the rest of the newest range!!!

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