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Clozette X JODULU: Private Reception Hosted by Deputy High Commissioner

Recently, I got to attend a private reception with 16 UK fashion brands hosted by Deputy High Commissioner, Ms Judith Slater, as one of Clozette Ambassados.

Outfit For The Evening:
Dress: Smooch Sg (I love this dress!)
Heels: Riccino Shoes
Clutch: A shop from Far East Plaza

It was an evening full of introductions and conversations, networking and just mingling with people to learn more about their products and brands~

Out of the 16 brands, these are the few that caught my interest!

This was the first brand I was introduced to moments after speaking to International Trade Adviser, Steven Hope. I was telling him about my blog and my goals of writing more about sustainable fashion in the near future. 

And he replied me "Oh, then you have to meet Oliver from Bottletop!"

So, I was introduced to the Director of Bottletop, Oliver Wayman, and I am really glad for the opportunity!

Bottletop not only uses sustainable and recycled materials, even the manufacturing process is sustainable because, Bottletop's products are created by artisans in Brazil who have been trained by Bottletop (a charitable foundation), launched in 2002 that works to support health education in Africa, Brazil, and the United Kingdom!

I had the honor to meet Piers Atkinson, in person, and he is totally awesome! I nicknamed him the "Mad Hatter" and he was in total agreement!

Why? Because, he designs and creates hats & headpieces!

I chanced upon this collection on display, and I am glad that I stopped to read more about it.

Jianhui London uses recycled materials to create their jewellery and I love that this brand holds an ambition that is "ethical by design and sustainable by nature"!

I had to mention this brand because, I love the idea of the base of some of the bags in their collection!
I have the horrible habit of leaving my bags on the ground (when I work), and I find that over time, the base of my bag gets damaged!

So, the concept of a base like this bag by Meli Melo attracted me~
I find that it makes the bag looks a little bit more unique and a lot more practical...
But it's just my opinion.


It was such a good event, meeting new people is always nice and I love that all of them are so passionate about their products and brands!

I really hope to see them in Singapore soon!

Until Next Time,
Thanks For Reading!


  1. Jody, after talking to these brands people and you so much talking about recylcing and stuff, are you going to be an importer selling the items or just talking only? I think you have to act on it importing them since you think they are substainable fashion! rather than just blogging unless you are like our Singapore Top Blogger Xia Xue ! She's simply awesome!

    1. Hi, that's a very good point that you brought up~ It's takes quite a bit of resources to import items, and there is so much more to just buying and selling items that I feel like I am not ready for it at this junction of my life. The good news is that some of these brands are considering of opening their own flagship store in Singapore.

      For now, yes~ it may seem like I am talking only but what I am trying to do here is to create more awareness in Singapore about such alternatives, be it sustainable fashion or even avoiding harmful chemicals in our everyday products. Xia Xue started from a humble beginning too and yes, I like her style of writing especially the way she stands up for herself. I hope that I can build up my own readership in time and do more than just creating awareness in the near future and that I will have your support. Thank you for reading my blog!