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Wanderlust Getaway: Bali [Part 4]

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”
 – John A. Shedd

Day 4
A day of fun, more aches, massage & alcohol!

On this day, we woke up early for our next happening activity~
Water Rafting!
We had a pickup that drove us to Ayung River, we got changed and started making our way down a very scary narrow winding steps of a staircase.

So not funny~
But, we made it down anyway and there lies our raft!

Ever since I did water rafting in Nepal,
it has been one of the activities I try to do wherever I travel to!

I love the adrenaline rush & the fact that I can enjoy the scenery as we raft down the river~ 

We made a stop at this waterfall for a photo moment~

I know the water does not look as clean, but it felt really cool & refreshing!
Trust me, I know~
Because CK decided that it will be very fun to splash water (throughout our rafting journey) 
and even pour water down my back.

Regardless, the whole experience of rafting together was awesome~
We are a crazy bunch.

Along the way, we also stopped for a break and beverages~

There were a handful of resort along this river and
 most of them look like it would be a bliss to stay there~
The view from the rooms must be awesome!

Apparently, there are a few levels of rafting down this river, I think ours was a 3..
Maybe the next time round, I will attempt a few levels up.

And remember the scary steps I mentioned early?
The one which we used to descend to river to start our rafting,
while we were going down, I said "if we are climbing all the way down now, I think we have to face a long flight of stairs to get up later"


I was right.

Super tiring~!
But we weren't complaining because there were a few local aunties who were climbing up the stairs too...
but they had to carry all the equipment we used, even deflated raft (must be super heavy) up!
And the most remarkable thing is that they were balancing them on their heads while ascending up!

We were just climbing up with nothing heavy...
So yes, we did vent our tiredness but kept climbing up with admiration for these ladies~ 

Then we did a quick wash up and headed to the dining area~
We had lunch included in our water rafting package which was awesome, 
because I was starving!

And after all the activities,
I started feeling the aches settling in and I told myself mentally:

And I was right~
After my meal,
 getting up from the bench was painful...

I'm so weak.

After lunch, we were driven back to our villa where we had a nice shower before heading out to shop until it was time for our massage therapy!

But not before we goofed around a little outside of our villa, taking ootds & random shots...
Because we can.

I find this photo below the funniest,
because this was captured by ET and her instructions were:
"Flip your hair"

And Taadaa~

E looks cool in this~
I like!

During our stay in Bali,
we passed by Jalan Raya Legian a lot~
Saw tons of cool shops!
 So with an hour to spare,
we head to this stretch of street to shop!

I was eyeing these necklaces to add to my collection of funky items from countries I've been too...
but they looked weird on my neck.
So~ I shall settle for a photo of it instead :(

I still think they are gorgeous~

Then, mid shopping, I collapsed and went to A&E...


I'm kidding~
My dad freaked out when he saw the photo above.

It was just part of our spa experience~
Oxygen Therapy

We had a great full body massage that eased some of my muscles ache temporarily~
followed up by the oxygen therapy which I thought was hilarious but in a way~ my lungs felt very clean after.


After spa, we had dinner and decided to spend our last night in Bali with some partying at Sky Garden!

I think clubbing in Bali is pretty awesome~
Free entry + Free booze
and, their free boozes are really strong!

Not the weak watered down stuff...
I tasted alcohol.

Which~ kind of explain why I look weird in all the photos below...

E noticed something strange~ after clubbing...
With the alcohol pumping through our bodies, our muscles didnt ache while we danced like crazy people!
I swear, I didnt realised it until she mentioned it..
Because I was lifting my arms up (which I couldnt managed when sober), swaying around (which would hurt when sober) and even just walking around with ease (which would have ache with every step when sober)!

But we felt the pain the next morning... but still~ our bodies were pain-free while it lasted~

Thanks, E for keeping an eye out for me and being such an awesome wing-woman!

p.s. Avoid taking cabs near clubs after 12am because they are opportunists!
US$30 for a ride that is usually SG$3!!!
I will remember E's reaction from this night as she rejects cab drivers~

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves, and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again—to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.”
- Pico Iyer