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It's been awhile now...

The moon looked lovely tonight...
And it looked just as lovely as the night you decided to walk away from me.

I remember looking up at the moon, and feeling like my world just crumbled away like my pitiful existence in your life...

You went on with life, with her...
Like I was nothing to you...
Like I never existed.

After you told me honestly everything that you did with her...
I feel disgusted and disappointed.

So I found it ridiculous when you saw how I was "happy" having fun with someone else and said to me: 

I didnt answer you because you didnt deserve any answer from me after everything...
But I couldnt help myself, in the end... I still replied.

I told you the truth.
He is just a friend, but is also one of the many lovely people in my life
who stood by my side and helped me to stand up again.

Making me eat,
Making me laugh,
Making me feel loved.

And you...
You said you are sorry.
You asked how...

love animated GIF

But.. you wanted variation..
A fling to play with while you are still "young".

Then months after you "had" her..
You come asking for ways to make things up to me
and telling me: 

And when I tell what you can do to "make it up to me"
You said:

eye roll animated GIF

How is leaving her impossible,
 when you left me so easily?


So in conclusion,
I realised that it was my pride talking and my stupidity for asking you to leave her in the first place...

love animated GIF

You said you love me...
That's all there is to it:

And I realised that...

love animated GIF

So, we stopped talking.


It hasn't been easy.

In a way, leaving you for good is part of the unconditional love I had for you...
Even though you dont deserve it, and we ended things badly...
A part of me will always love you.
That's the part of me that I lost to you.

It has been more than a month since we last communicate...
It feels weird.
In a way, it feels like you died.
Maybe that's a better way for me to move on.

I thought it through...

You are human after all.

You may never be able to right the wrong or turn back time to undo every injustice acts you did to me...

But I can do something for us,
and that is to admit that you made a honest mistake,
forgive you,
let this go,
and move on with my life.

I am moving on now.
I hope you find happiness too.