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Travel Essentials: For Bali

Whenever I travel, I will always have a Travel Must-have kit with products that I will use during the trip.

What I put inside this kit depends on... well~ the location!
This time round, I went to a tropical location with lots of sun and waves to surf~

Mentally, I was prepared to be exposed to the sun and I knew that the chances of me getting a tan is really high. 

black and white animated GIF

However, to be honest, being tanned is the last thing I really want! Hahaha~ From experience, it will take me forever to lose my tan once I am brown!

So I packed my luggage with things to help me to maintain my colour the best that I could and to prevent myself from getting burnt!

I present you
My Bali Travel Essentials!

Sun Care Beauty Products

Hawaiian Tropic SHEER TOUCH Lotion Sunscreen
Broad Spectrum SPF50
Water Resistant for up to 80 mins!

I got this when I was in Jamaica and I love it!
It smells fruity and works really well that I have zero sunburn with it on!

|Everyday Use|
LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream

SPF30 PA++

This CC cream evens up my skin's discolouration and has whitening properties to it!
On days when I am not exposed to the sun for a long period of time, I use this!

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|Long Exposure to Sun Use|
Laneige BB Cushion
SPF50 PA+++

For days when I was surfing or exposed to the sun way~ longer than I would like, I use this BB.
I love that it has a really good protection coverage, a little bit more resistant to perspiration & water (waves/rain) & also aids in whitening!

With both LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream & Laneige BB Cushion, 
I actually see a difference in my skin tone... 
Yes~ My face is way fairer than my body!!!
Now, I need to find ways to even both face and body up...

|After Sun Care Product|
BLACK PAINT Rose Oil Water

I didn't feel any sunburn during my time spent in Bali but I still pamper my skin with a little tender loving care with BLACK PAINT Rose Oil Water as part of my skin care regime.

Rose Water not only has the ability to prevent sunburn but is also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps cleaning up the clogged pores, of oil and dirt!

Sun Care Apparels

My huge sun hat
Le Specs Rapture
Protection: Category 3 lens - Maximum UV protection

Sometimes, the basics works wonders at blocking out those harmful rays too!~
Totally in love with my shades!

Mosquitoes Bite Care
Blissoma CHAMO-MINT THERAPY Stress Relief Serum

I cant stop raving just how awesome this serum is!
Intended as a stress reliever, 
I found another use for it:

Anti-itch serum

Works wonders at reliving the itchiness from pesty mosquitoes' bites!
And if you know me well enough,
I am like a Free-For-All/Open Buffet for mosquitoes.

Sad but true.
But with this roll-on serum,
I stop scratching at the bites within 2 minutes max!

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(Rich Black Waterproof)

To be honest, I didnt wear any makeup most of the time throughout the trip~
I used mostly BB or CC cream and that's it.
But on occasion when I wanted a little more definition, 
I used this eyeliner!
Love that it is waterproof (I need my liners to be lasting) and the tip of it!
It's brush type so it gentle to the lids but really awesome for creating sleek lines~

Will be posting a review on it soon!
Keep an eye out for that :)

And that's pretty much it for my Bali Travel Essentials!
I hoped you found this post interesting & make use of my special promotions!

Until then!~