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Wanderlust Getaway: Bali [Part 2]

"The greatest reward and luxury of travel is 
to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time."
- Bill Bryson

Day 2

Woke up feeling good~
It's strange.

Like I have no care in the world 
but the time we are supposed to get ready to be picked up by our driver
 to head over to Ubud for lunch!

Love street art!

I was looking forward to getting to Ubud ever since,
my cousin shared with me an image that she took the last time she came here...

I have a weird fascination for fields like that~

I love the greenery and the openness of it,
I feel like I can run to the middle of it and start singing
"The Hills~ are alive, with the sound of music~"
& twirl around in circles...

But to really do that, would mean that I would damage people's crops...

So, I use eye power and imagination only.


Ah~ Such peaceful scenery~
I needed moments like these.

Oh yes, so like I mentioned~
Our main purpose of coming to Ubud was to eat at Sari Organik!
The food here are all organic and grown out in their fields, including the chickens (they were reared here)!
Can you spot them below?

Before I have my meal, let me take a selfie!

I had tomato soup which tasted really fresh and healthy and awesome!
Just drooled seeing this photo :(

And~ Chicken satay!
Village chicken taste really different, that's my takeaway from this dish...
But I felt bad,
part of my scumbag brain was thinking that
 this chicken was probably happily pecking away in the field for worms
 and it was caught, killed and cook for my tummy...

I also had fruit juice, mine was Lemongrass Ginger (the left)!

I love that instead of plastic straws, they used bamboos!

Many times, we use straws like they are free and would just magically disappear from Earth...
But they dont.
Made of plastic, straws take forever to disintegrate.
So, next them you are drinking from a cup, it would be good think:

Do I really need a straw?
I only need one.

(Yes, all you multiple straw users... YOU ONLY HAVE 1 MOUTH! Sorry, it's one of my pet peeves!)

This was such an awesome meal, totally worth the drive and the walk.

After lunch, we were stuck at the restaurant due to the rain but you know what?
It didnt bother us that much, 
we simply just walked around in the restaurant while ONE of them took a nap after the meal~

Life, baby.


When the rain stopped, we left the village area and headed to Rock Bar in Jimbaran for sunset!

I love the concept and the view but the waiting time to get down to the bar~ kills the mood.

Still~ patience pays off and we got ourselves at the bar to enjoy twilight.

After chilling, we drove back to Seminyak and stopped at a restaurant along the road for dinner!
(Yes, Day 2 consist mostly of eating! Hahaha!)

What is interesting about this restaurant is its entertainment.
Before we arrived, they had a Balinese Dance session going on
 and during our meal, it was Salsa!

I love how spontaneous and carefree people were!
They just stood up, join the dance and had a really good time!


After our meal, we headed back to our villa and chill in our pool~

That's pretty much Day 2!
Another chill day~ But lovely, all the same!
Minus the mosquitoes!

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.
-Francis Bacon