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The Benjamin Franklin Effect

After getting in and out of relationships, and going through heartbreaks... Sometimes, I honestly dont know what is real or true & how to assess love anymore.

And when I hear stories of broken relationships, it makes me wonder if love is all a game and are people just not smart enough to treasure bonds that should mean something more..

But on the other hand, you hear people saying that a relationship takes 2...
So, then... Where did it all go wrong?

Watch this video

My takeaway is that maintaining a relationship requires some "Tai Chi" skills to know when to invest and when to withdraw.

"The more time, effort or work you put towards someone; the more you are personally invested in them. And the more you like them, you want it to work out. But if you dont let them lift a finger, you are actually eliminating opportunities for them to invest in the relationship.How can you care about something, you dont have a stake in?"

So, ultimately~ As Bob Marley said...
"Everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

To all the love birds out there,
Let this post remind you to invest in your relationship and your partner.