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Wanderlust Getaway: Bali [Part 1]

With the recent events in my life, I needed a getaway.

I needed to be in awe of the beauty of our universe,
To realise just how small I am and in a way, 
How much smaller all my troubles are.
I needed a humbling experience.

So we planned this Bali trip months ago, as our long awaited graduation trip (4 years LATE, LOL!)...
And with the long holidays~ what better time then, in May!

We arrived during the night and got to our villa in Seminyaka
I love that I woke up to this view of the pool just right outside of our room everyday~
Paradise, baby!

The only thing I didnt like about our "home" is the endless army of mosquitoes!

Day 1

Ok, honestly~ we were pretty boring..
We pretty much went on a food hunt (typical Singaporeans), sight-see and shopped around in Kuta~
Feeling lethargic in the heat.

But the moment we decided to head to A&W for these awesome Rootbeer Float, we perked right up! Hahaha! Why did they have to close down A&W in Singapore!?!?

Then~ we pretty much went back to shopping...

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” 

― Lao Tzu