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Wanderlust Getaway: Bali [Part 3]

"It's all about where your mind's at"
-Kelly Slater
Day 3

This is a day where we said,
enough of slacking around and eating like a true Singaporean.

we surf.

There are tons of surfing schools & instructors along Kuta,
We choose ODYSSEYS Surf School because E learnt surfing from them the other round 
& the rates are pretty decent for us.

So, they taught us the basics of how to stand up on the board to surf on the sand.

It's really common sense~
3 Simple Steps~


Until, you do it out on the waves...

We did the morning class because the waves are smaller in the morning~
That being said,
the first time I went out to sea with my board and the first big "small" wave came crashing at me...
I went under and tumbled.


First gulp of salty water.

I think on a whole, the guys did better than us~
After a few times with the instructor, they were paddling out on their own~
Catching the waves and surfing like a free man~

And the most humorous comment I heard for that period was from CK:
"I went to paddle out and realised that I didnt know how to turn the board around"
He got hit by the waves & tumbled seconds later...
But kudos to him for giving it the first go~
I still have no idea how to turn the board around. 

Surfing felt like walking for the very first time.
It sounds simple but come to the crunch time,
my limbs go to "Scumbag" mode and have their own thoughts.

The instructor even asked me if I was afraid of the waves...

I told him honestly:
"No.. My body just dont listen to my brain."

From that moment onward,
he started shouting instructions:
"Push up, Right Leg, Left Leg"

I made my first stand.

It didnt last very long...
Part of the reason was because I stood up too straight.

My cousin and E did well too~
In fact, all of us managed to stand up on the board.

Surfing  is tiring.
Every time you fail,
you end up back in the sea,
tumbled around by the waves
& occasionally, getting whacked by the board.

Then there are 2 alternatives:
Get back out there and try again.

The whole process is pretty spiritual.
Each fall fueled my determination to stand up.

This is my determined face:

The second part of our session was tough,
the waves were BIGGER and oh man~
each waves actually pushed me back so far,
by the time I was far out enough,
I was panting.

The up side to bigger waves is the surfing experience.
But it was during this period that I actually felt pangs of fear.

I only called Quits after getting injured, I had too~

 I reached shore on my board,
took a step down on the beach with one foot,
 and the other on the board..
the waves came in and in that instant,
I knew I was going to hurt myself...

Because of the force,
I did an instant split...
Felt something popped
and went jelly-legged.


So much for being flexible when I was younger.
Thankfully, by the time I injured myself~
Our session was close to over.


After surfing, we washed up and had a light meal before entering 

And the very first water ride, E and I took was awesome~
They called it the Boomerang.

The first time we did it, we didnt go as high up.
But the second time was so~ fun!
The trick is speed.

On the whole~ Waterbom is pretty alright~
Perhaps it was because we took all of the scariest ride first...
So the rest of the rides and attractions seem pretty meh~

If you do go to Waterbom, try out the Climax ride!

It was so scary and funny at the same time!
One moment you are standing, after 3 seconds (the ride does a countdown for you)...
A dead drop and it's water splashing all over all the way until you realised that it's over...
and you have the ultimate wedgie.

(They didnt allow any cameras etc, but this video is pretty good~)

Tip: Try your best to keep your legs crossed.
And yes, it's normal for your legs to open up the moment you drop.

After everything, we chilled along the Lazy River~
And allowed our body to take some time off.

Day 3 was awesome~
But, the aftermath of it...
I felt it in every muscle of my body..
One little step ahead,
One little step up the stairs..
Even getting into the cab was painful.

Overall, it was worth it~ 

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."
-Dr. Seuss