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the ENTERTAINER: The App that offers you one-for-one deals & more!

Hi Readers!
Are you the sort of person who loves a good deal?

Or is always trying to look for something new or some place nice to do and explore?

If yes is your answer, then I have something exciting for you!


the ENTERTAINER is a company offering a portfolio of attractive (from spa to fitness to leisure to food) 'buy one get one free' offers via print and App formats!

Originally started out as a book that offers purchasers great deals, the ENTERTAINER is now available on mobile as an app!

This app could not be more timely for me!
Offering a good range of products & services, I can now use this app for Fitness deals like the one below!

All I need to do is to click on the category for the product/service that I am looking for,
in this case, it is Body for fitness.

And the app will search for all the Body related deals, starting with the one nearest to my location!

And clicking on Verita Fitness, all the available deals will be shown! 

It is a really good deal, especially if you intend to use it for a date or simply as an activity with a buddy!

So awesome, am I right!

Besides deals for Body, the other category I got my eyes locked on is the Restaurants and Bars!

I was invited to a dinner gathering at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen at Traders Hotel to experience the type of quality deals the ENTERTAINER offers!

Dining in the cool comfort indoors with fans above, I got to sample lots of the typical local dishes and seafood!

Satay (Lamb, Chicken or Beef) $10
The peanut gravy is to die for!!!

Ah Hoi's Kitchen also offers grilled dishes, like these juicy prawns and tender squids!

But their Hot Favourites have to be, every Singaporean's favourite,
the Sri Lankan Crabs!!!

Salted Egg is my favourite!

Sri Lankan Crab dish can be prepared in these various standard favors:
Black pepper, Chilli, Ginger & Spring Onions, Spices & Curry Leaves, Grilled, Crispy Cereals

Or you may also choose from Ah Hoi's Kitchen's New Sri Lankan Crab Creations:
Salted Egg, Steamed, Kaffir Lime, Prickly Piquant!

View their menu here!

Ah Hoi’s Kitchen at Traders Hotel

Opening Hours:
Open daily from 12 noon - 2.30pm (Lunch)
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Dinner)

(65) 6831 4373

112 in the cool comfortable indoors
60 at the alfresco by the pool amidst lush greenery (good for party or celebrations)


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That's not all!

As an added incentive for you, the ENTERTAINER will be conducting a random draw among all customers who downloaded the one month app using the promo code between now till 5 June 2014.
The winner will get the full version of the app FREE.