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Mid Year Reflection

At the start of 2014, I wrote down a list of things I aimed to accomplish by the end of the year. Now, that we have reached the mid-point of 2014~ I guess it is good for me to reflect on the months that has passed?

Here is the list:

1) Learn a new language
I am trying to learn German..
and am looking into learning Japanese!

2) Be more organised
It's a work in progress!
I have gotten myself a diary to plan my time and days out during the start of 2014, 
that's working pretty well at the moment~

3) Learn a new skill
I learnt how to surf!

4) Pick up a new hobby
I thought long and hard about this...
Over the past few months, I have tried out a handful of new hobby like archery~
Then it hit me that, blogging is actually a hobby that I enjoy! Sure, I  started blogging at the age of 17 at first to share my overseas experience and life with my friends and family (That blog has been deleted) and I have been blogging on this new blog for awhile but I wasnt this active.

I dont blog for money or fame~ I blog because, I like doing it~
And blogging has brought me so much joy, interesting experience and even new friends in my life that, makes me feel really blessed!

So~ Yes. Blogging is my "new" hobby and I am really thankful for all the support and opportunities that came along to help this hobby of mine grow~

5) Travel to a new place/ country
Bali. Enuff said.
Cebu next.
Followed by... Norway for Northern Lights & Switzerland? 

6)Do voluntary work overseas
I have been doing voluntary work inland...
I still havent figure out where to have this accomplished.

7) Dance on the street randomly with no music
notebook animated GIF

This has been in my mind for awhile... to be brave and random enough to dance on the street.

To be honest, I didn't accomplish this alone. I had help from a spontaneous person who didnt even know about this resolution of mine!

You know who you are. Thanks for the randomness!

8) Buy myself a new phone & a new line

Yes! I finally did it!

9) Implement my campaign

This will take place in a few days time and I am looking forward to it! If you are free and around the corner, do drop by and say hi!

10) Reach out to 10, 000 youths and share my environmental passion with them

So there you have it~
5 resolutions completed within 6 months!
Another 5 to go!