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The World Of Contact Lens [Advertorial]

I had a very interesting discussion today with a new friend I met.

I sort of evesadrop into his conversation over the phone with his optician (he was sitting in front of me and talking on his phone... hard to ignore his conversation... heh), and he was telling the uncle on the phone that he needs a pair of contact lens but he doesnt know how to wear them...

And it reminded me of the time I used to wear spectacles (Good Old Days~) and made that switch to contact lens.

All the fears I had when it came to wearing one the first time and the hour I took to remove it after!

I guess the fear came about from the fear of my fingers in contact with my eyes~
and it is the same for my friend too.

So came the magic question of what tips do I have to help him wear his pair of contact lens with ease~
Here you go, bro~


1) Use the lenses within their stated duration.

There are contact lenses for the year, month and even daily contact lenses.
If you want to avoid all the horror you have heard about red eyes or infection~
If it is daily contact lenses that you have bought, throw them away after the day!
If it is yearly or monthly lenses, disinfect & clean them properly with solution.

If you have dry eyes like me, I would recommend using either eye drops to lubricate the lens or use extended wear contact lenses!

2) Place your lens straight up on your finger, position it right in the center of your eye and gently "drop" the lens in.

I understand that some of our Asian eyes are a tad smaller, so use your free hand to assist in opening your lids and keeping your lashes away.

This will take a little practice, but it really is that simple.

3) Remove lenses with (clean hands) finger pads

I remove my lenses differently after I accidentally scratch my eye during a removal.

Instead of the "pinch" method with 1 hand, I use 2 hands.
I use both of my middle fingers to pry my lids open and my index fingers to push the lens out from both sides~ Keep in mind to use only my finger pads and  avoiding my nails!

So by sharing these 3 simple tips, I hope that it helps those seeking to know more about using contact lenses and removing them!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!