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BeautyDirect: Fernanda [Goodie Bag Review]

I was invited to rosebullet's opening at Orchard Gateway a month ago, by Beauty Direct~!
I was there to find out more about the body and fragrance range of Fernanda!

Their body mist is one of the most popular products in Japan and it's easy to see why~
Not only is there a range of scents to choose from, it is also affordable and light for travel!

To be honest, I was never a body mist user. I used perfume and very recently, I have been using solid perfume/fragrance balm because it works well in our weather.

But I gave Fernanda's body mist a shot and here are my thoughts on it!


To Use:

Spray on skin after bathing/showering or on thirsty skin as often as desired. 
May pat gently on skin for better absorption. 


Texture: Liquid, that dries off leaving the skin slightly moisturized

Smell: Fresh scent of peach blossoms is a running riot to the fragrance of sweet, graceful, rich purple-lilac flowers, inviting you to the world of dreams. Lastly, a soft stream of amber aroma leads you to a warm and sensual secret garden

Blend: Lilac,Amber,Peach blossom

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, Ethanol, water, Paraben-free

  • Hydrates & moisturizes the skin.
  • Charming and refreshing fragrance to kick away the smell of food and tobacco.

Cost: $19.90

Product Rating: 7.5/10

I love that this body mist contains moisturizing ingredients, because I am fond of products that has multiple functions! It is also great that it is free of paraben! There is a range of scents to choose from to fit your own preference and I personally really like mine in Amelia Swell scent.

The drawback is that the scent doesnt last long in our climate. After the first hour, it leaves a very faint scent at best. I personally prefer fragrances to last a little longer (that's why the minus 2.5 rating)... But I guess, it's good that it is only 100ml making it very light to carry in your bag and to spritz more when needed!

Fernanda Body and Fragrance Range is available at:
John Little
Rosebullet@Orchard Gateway
You can also find the products available for online shopping at!