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Tokyo Luxey: Get this look with 24h Cosme products!

Let's get a little girly and talk about makeup!

In conjunction with Tokyo Luxey Movie Contest to win a trip to Japan, I decided to do a makeup video featuring 24h Cosme products~

24h Cosme products are based on these concepts:
"No need to remove makeup around the clock" 
Intended for ladies who wears makeup for long period of time
Gentle on your skin

Why is it so?

Because 24h Cosme's cosmetics are made from natural minerals and moisturizing ingredients!

And you should know by now that I love makeup that are natural and free of those pesky harmful ingredients!

Check out my video below to see how I put these makeup products to use!

You can try these exclusive TOKYO LUXEY Japanese skin care and makeup products, head over to here for their special edition gift box!

If you are not living in Singapore, click this link instead to find out more about the gift box!

Or you can also join Tokyo Luxey as a Luxey like me!
Right now, there is a special Sign Up Campaign where you get to receive a mini sample of the BB cream in the image below!

Head over to the links now!
Stay Classy~