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Tokyo Luxey: Second Meet Up

As the title states,

I had another meetup with Ms Maeda, CEO of Rogue Asia Inc, and the rest of the Luxeys at Dempsey's PS. Cafe.

Just to recap what Tokyo Luxey is all about, head over to my post here!

Personally, as a noob beauty blogger, I love the fact that brands, forums and even distributors are setting up meet ups like what Tokyo Luxey does to gather beauty bloggers and build up a community of women.

Times have changed, people google and research on products beforehand... but as always with Beauty, the tips/tricks/recommendations are spread out by word-of-mouth. 

Having such a community promotes that~ In fact, it was because of such a community that I now have a gang of Beauty Blogger Friends!

Such meet ups also creates an opportunity for distributors and brand owners to explain and share more with us about their products.

It creates a tangible interaction for bloggers to connect to the product form the sellers' point of view, and I use such an opportunity to ask the hard question sometimes *evil grin*

But that's all part of being true to what I write and comment :)

This time round, the goodie bag given was focused on skincare!

Goodie Bag Products:
24H Cosme Powder Foundation
Albion Skin Conditioner Essential
Albion Eclafutur

I think 24H Cosme products need no further raves~ but if you want to know now, head over to my post where I did a makeup look using their products here!

I might be testing Albion products out, keep an eye out for it!

Until then,
Be Gorgeous!

In the meantime, do check out & if you want to sign up as a Luxey like me~ Click here!