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What you should expect when you engage a blogger for reviews

In light of the controversy that was brought up by Xiaxue and reading this review here, I would like to be in the bandwagon of realigning brand's/ company's expectations of a blogger review.

So, here are the 4 things I think you should expect when you engage us for reviews!

1) We don't sell our "soul" for the products/ services

Yes, for us to review about your products/ services~ We have to give it a try and put it to the test and you have to send us the products or offer the services to us.

While I am grateful that most of these products/ services are sponsored for my review, I wont write false truth of my personal experience just because it is sponsored. Basically, dont expect a good review just because it is "free" to us.

This bring me to my next point...

2) We write for our readers

As a reviewer, it falls on our responsibility and integrity to write the truth.
If it really does work wonders, I will write it as so.
If it really doesnt work, I will write it as such.
If it really has not effect, I will state it as it is.

Ultimately,our readers will make their own decision and try the products/ services out by themselves based on what they read from our reviews~ I dont want to lead my readers into a false sense of what works when it honestly doesnt.

As a consumer, you wont want to read lies too.

3) We are entitled to write based on our experiences and opinions

Doing reviews is always a risk bloggers have to take, it is great if things work out well~
However, the flip side of things is that we are being "used" as guinea pigs in a way... testing out things for your target market and our readers.

I have done reviews where I had a really bad reaction to it, broke out into rashes and I wrote my review as it is. I informed the company of the reactions I had and gave them the choice. They didnt want me to post the review but took note of my experience with their product and in a way, I noticed that they didnt push their marketing on that product but focused in others instead.

Our honesty in reviews does work into your advantage if your products/ services are really as good as your marketing claim. It is all about Word-Of-Mouth when it comes to products/ services, and it's a world where people read up on reviews and feedback from others now before deciding on their purchase.

So, dont fault us for our honesty in our reviews~ instead, use our feedback to improve.

Trust me when I say, I wish all products/ services works as claimed. It makes it easier to write and happier too, knowing that something really works for me. It's like hitting jackpot!
Plus~ it's always great when I dont end up with rashes or other weird reactions...

4) Reviewing takes time

I never like rushing my reviews, especially when it comes to skincare because, the effectiveness of such products/ services takes time and to see visible results. So, it would be nice if the timeline for us to write out the review be realistic as well!

Hope these help!
Please remember that we are humans and your consumer too!