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K-Palette: 1 Day Magic Series [Goodie Bag Review]

Presenting you,
my review on K-Palette's 1 Day Magic Series!

There are no impossibilities when it comes to beautifying yourself! K-Palette proves that with its introduction of 1 Day Magic, a makeup series that is designed to fulfill every girl’s dream to be Kawaii.
Coming in the form of 4 essential products that can effortlessly enhance, line and contour, expect a MAGICAL transformation to your appearance!


View my review summary video below!

I decided to spend a little more time to write out a more detailed review of the products with more photos.
Continue reading down below!

1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Achieve 3 times the thickness in a single stroke with K-Palette 1 Day Magic flat-tip eyeliner brush! Promising to moisturize your skin while encouraging eyelash growth during application, also experience the outstanding waterproof feature of this crowd-pleaser! A fast-drying formula that shuts out water, sweat and
sebum, we’d say, flick it, draw it, LOVE it.

Texture: Liquid, dries up slightly glossy


  • Contains Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and Swertia Japonica essence that moisturize skin around eyes & promote eye lash growth
  • Unique tip to create the perfect line

Cost: $22.90

Product Rating: 6/10

I find the tip unique and it does help to make it easier to create the perfect line with just a rotation of the pen (View the video to see the difference in brush tip width). It is great that it contains nourishing ingredients to care for the eye area too.

Downside, I need to run over the line twice to create really defined and black line. It tends to fade off by flaking too. And while this product claims to be waterproof, I find that it is water resistant at its best. 

That being said, it doesnt smudge and that's important in a climate like Singapore. I would recommend this product if you are a beginner in using liquid eyeliner.

1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara

Unveil the secret to thicker eyelashes and long-lasting curls! 
With both fiber and volume mascara set in one, increase the volume of your eyelashes UP TO 10 times with the thick fiber brush! Equipped with an impressive curl-keep polymer, keep your eyelashes lifted in a graceful arc throughout the day! 

Shutting out water, perspiration and sebum effectively, let your eyes dazzle without the worry panda-like smudges around the eyes! 

Texture: Moist mascara formulation with fabric-like fibers



  • Provides volume and length
  • Maintains curl
  • Waterproof & Smudge-proof
  • Contains essence to promote eye lash growth

Cost: $27.90
Product Rating: 9/10

I have tried fiber mascaras before and I never like them because I find that it weighs my lashes down and makes it tiring to keep my eyes open.

But with this Fiber Mascara, it doesnt feel that way~ In fact, despite the increase in volume and length, my lashes stayed curled throughout and I love that it doesnt smudge and hardly flakes!

However, it takes some practice to get used to the application of fibers as it tends to clump up into small dust ball on the wand and if your lashes are short, the chances of you hitting your lid with the mascara during application is pretty high. I would have love it if the mascara wand was smaller and slimmer in size. 

It also takes a little bit more patience to remove this mascara thoroughly, but it's a small price to pay~

1 Day Magic 3D Palette

Combining 4 natural colours in the face palette, contour and highlight your face any time of the day with its convenient and portable size! Not forgetting to take care of your face during application, beauty essences that are embedded within the long-lasting color palette includes; hyaluronic acid, water soluble collagen and shea butter. 

Texture: Powder


  • Contains essence to help nourish skin
  • Multiple uses
  • Comes with a duo-ended brush
  • Top lid has reflection that acts as a mirror

Cost: $27.90 

Product Rating: 7/10

I love that this palette has multiple uses: highlighter, blush, contour & eyeshadow. This would be great for travelling when you need to keep things light! It is nice to have the brush with it and it works well when applying blush/contour, but I find that this product works better with a sponge tip applicator for eyes~

I understand that the top lid is reflective and can double us as a mirror, but I would have preferred a proper mirror in it considering that this product is used mainly for the face.

As for the colour payoff isnt as pigmented like most US makeup brands, but it is good enough to create a soft natural makeup look. I would recommend building up the shades bit by bit for a longer lasting effect.

1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid

False eyelash saver-No more falling lashes!
With its strong adhesiveness & waterproof feature, create long-lasting and natural-looking double eyelids in a matter of seconds! Doubling up as false eyelash glue, the adhesive formula has been designed to dry up quickly to counter smudge-prone lids. Plus, nourish your eyelids with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid,
water soluble collagen and Chinese peony root extract in this formula! 

Texture: Milky liquid (glue) that dries clear



  • Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and Chinese peony root extract that nourish and moisturize the eye area
  • Can be used as a false lash glue too

Cost: $19.90
Product Rating: 6/10

This is the first time using such a product as I have double eyelids, but my eyes vary slightly in size because of the folds. I love products that have multiple uses, this doubles up as a lash glue!

It is pretty sticky and I like that it dries up fast, but as with the claim that it is waterproof... at most, it is water resistant. If you were to blink or rub your eyes, the bond breaks.

So there you have it, a review on this new series of K-Palette's 1 Day Magic!
I have included a before photo of the makeup and an after one when I came out from the shower... yes, I showered with makeup on to test the waterproof claims. 

I am pretty bad with the whole gluing of the eye lid skill (Right boxes), but it did work well at being super adhesive. 

After stepping out from the shower, with the top photo (Before) as a contrast with the bottom (After)~ you can tell how the bond of the glue ended up and the running of my eyeliner. As I mentioned, the eyeliner actually flakes off during removal.