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CSFBC Awards Ceremony & Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Ceremony

Last week was a really intense week with prep work for Avelife's Colour Splash Fun Bin Award Ceremony.
The team went through 6000 over entries to select the top 55 for our panel of judges to make the tougher decision of the winners!!!

It was a busy busy period even on Friday night which we were all up in the office adding the finishing touches,  and I was still editing the script for my awesome emcees :)

Then Saturday came and with only a few hours of sleep, we got ready and the entire ceremony started.

The turn out was great and I also had the opportunity to set up a little booth for Recycling Monster!

It was really awesome that the children were all very excited and the parents were also very involved in the process!

And once they were done, they went around holding their monsters up proudly~
So adorable!!!

All in all, I felt like a proud mum~ 
My emcees were awesome and professional even with less than 24 hours of rehearsal!
Then I had to rush down to Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony organised by OMY.SG at Scape*

Hence my crazy hair... Hahaha!
The dress code for the event was Derby or Fashion relating to Horses~

So, I got my straw sunhat~ tied a ribbon on it;
borrowed my brother's T-shirt (yes, I wear mens clothes);
slipped on a skirt;
and clipped on a pair of bling earrings!

Straw Hat: Gift from CEBU trip
Ribbon: DIY with fabric from Spotlight
T-shirt: Pull and Bear
Skirt: MDS Collections
Earrings: Nine West

I reached there with my plus one in time to hear the speech by GOH and I didnt have to wait long to find out who's the Top 3 of Best Beauty Blog!

Congratulations to my fellow #4beautiesinacab (this hashtag will be well known soon), Cheryl Chio, for being the 2nd Runner Up!

Click on her name to hop to her blog!

For the rest of the event, we hoarded the photobooth and goofed around~

I would like to thank OMY.SG & Singapore Blog Awards for selecting me as one of the 10 Finalists for Best Beauty Blog! The opportunities that came knocking on my door wouldn't have been this awesome without your backing!

I would also like to shoutout to all my readers and supporters, I didnt blast much about the voting because I felt like I have had too much "Vote For Me" campaigns over this period but I am pleasantly surprised to see that I had 120 over votes.

All of you are so AWESOME~!

The competition is over but I will still be blogging, so dont be shy to comment or request for beauty topics that you would like for me to cover and touch on!