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Beauty Tip: How To Remove Glitter Polish Efficiently


1) Prepare your essentials

You will need:

Lacquer Remover
Here, I am using Sparitual Fluent Extra Strength Conditioning Lacquer Remover because it is a gentle, vegan, and chemical-free way to remove all traces of nail lacquer without harming you or your nails!

Aluminium Foils
You dont need a big piece for this, just enough to wrap around your fingers and thumbs twice and to fold it to secure. Mine is about 8cm by 4cm. I use only one piece of foil for my hands, removing the polish one finger at a time so that it is less wasteful :) 

Cotton Wool/ Pad
You dont need a lot for this too, just a small thin layer to cover the surface area of your nails.
Simply cut the cotton pad into size.

2) Soak cotton wool/pad with lacquer remover and position it over your nail

3) Wrap soaked cotton wool/pad and finger/thumb with a piece of aluminium foil

4) Secure the wrap by folding in the top, ensure that the foil is tight around your finger/thumb.

The idea here is to wrap the soaked cotton wool/pad and allow the remover to "work its magic" more effectively, hence the term "soak off".

5) After 1-2 minutes, remove foil and gently wipe off the polish. It should come off easily.

It is normal to feel a warming sensation on the tips of your finger/thumb, it is the remover at work.
Hence, I recommend using a gentle remover like the one that I use to prevent over-damaging your nails.

6) If there are residual polish, use another cotton wool/pad to remove excess and you are done!

Note: For the removal of soft gel, step 6 will be different.

Soft gel polish will flake off and requires manual gentle scrapping and slight buffing for removal.


I personally prefer removing my nail polishes off this way because it is less wasteful and more effective!
If I were to remove my glitter polishes off the conventional way, it would have taken me FOREVER and a lot of remover plus cotton wool/pad!

Not to mention the glitter mess!

Dont believe me, give this a shot and let me know your thoughts!