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What's the point?


I have been contemplating on this for awhile now and I decided that I ought not to hide it and to vent this out. I am doing this for myself because this space is my space and I need to vent if not I will go back into depression.

A while back, around the time that I entered a new relationship... I got a message.

I didnt reply him but it bugged me.
There~ I'm being honest.
Because once I saw that simple sentence, my mind just blew and I couldn't see a point in him contacting me again after I told him that there is nothing more between us.

It baffles me on how and why he could think that he should and can contact me after all this time that he was sleeping with another and granting her all that I wanted.

How should and do I go about handling this?
This seemingly simple message of "how I have been"...
Better? I was in hell because of him.
Worse? Does he really care?

By contacting me, he is affecting 2 people.
Me and his current girlfriend.
Does she know that you have been asking our close friends about me?
... That after you had her, you came looking for me and telling me how much you regret your choice?
That little irony of "Regret", I still think you lied to me about it because if you did regret... why bother sticking to her all this time?

I dont want anything to do with you.
You lost me when you walked away.
Let me be your loss.