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Boho Glam

Sometimes, all it takes is one accessory to alter the entire look.

G and I were already walking out of Clifford Center to source for our next photo spot when, she took a double take and pulled me back to the boutique to add a little icing… in the form of a headpiece.

But it wasn’t just any ordinary headpiece… Chains plated in 18K gold, this Dreamer Head Piece from 8 Other Reasons, feature a centred row of jewels and chain and finished off with an iridescent front pendant. 

I walked back out of the building feeling rather ethereal, and hence, channelled the Boho vibe for these shots.

Headpieces have been around for ages, yet sometimes, they can be a little tricky to wear and it could take some guts to rock them. Here are some tips to help you look like you were born to wear them. 

1) Explore with different types of headpieces, ranging from the dainty ones to the ones with coins, chains and bells to feminine ones with crystals and pearls. 

2) Start with something that you feel the most comfortable with, ideally something that would suit your face shape, hairstyle and personal fashion style. 

3) Hair: Part hair in the middle and you may bun the rest up, chic up with a pony tail, "girlify" it with plaits  or even rock it with messy voluminous or long straight hair!

4) Wear it with confidence. If you are a little shy, Halloween is a good day to challenge yourself and wear them with the reason to dress differently!

8 Other Reasons' Dreamer Head Piece - theWYLDshop

Photo taken by G with an iPhone.
theWYLDshop can be found at Clifford Centre #01-12B