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Sephora: Puckerlicious Lip Set [Purchased Review]

3 days ago, I received Sephora Newsletter in my inbox and saw a really cool lip set:
Puckerlicious Lip Set 

I knew that I had to get it, so I went to Sephora (Only available at ION) to swatch the colours... fell in love... took a set and walked to the cashier to pay $29 for it.

The lip set comes with 5 product with the pouch:

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
Givenchy le Rouge
NYX Butter Lipstick
Sephora Rouge Infusion
Tarte Lipsurgence Lipgloss

Without further ado, here' the

1) Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick 

Texture: Feels like a lipstick and has a lipstain effect

Scent: Slight plastic smell, could be from the packaging itself.

Colour/Swatch: Melted Fuchsia, very pigmented

Product Rating: 7/10

I love that it feels like it's barely on my lips and the shade is great for a wild party! As for its long wear claim, it doesnt really last that long as it is transferable onto surfaces and it will look patchy afterwards (Touch-up required). Hence, if you are expecting it to be budge-proof, this isnt but it does have a slight stain-like effect to allow some colour to stay on the lips. This lip product doesnt "bleed" which is something that I am mindful about, so it pass the test. I am also not too sure about the applicator tip, it requires a little squeeze to get the product out and there is a concern of contamination. However, it does allow me quite a precise application. 

2) Givenchy le Rouge 

Texture: Feels quite moisturizing

Scent: Rose

Colour/Swatch: Rose Dressing, very pigmented

Product Rating: 10/10

I love this lipstick! It feels very nice on the lips, not too moisturizing or too matt. The colour is great for a classy event! The lipstick stays on well, doesnt "bleed" too and it was easy to apply. I can't find any flaw with it. 

3) NYX Butter Lipstick

Texture: Feels quite buttery

Scent: Waxy / Oil scent

Colour/Swatch: Gumdrop (also available in Taffy), well pigmented

Product Rating: 5/10

Not really a fan of this lipstick, feels a little too buttery for my liking. I find that the product does not go on smoothly, and it has a tendency to slide around (maybe due to the texture). But I do give points because it does feel quite moisturizing and it's a funky shade to wear for cool parties. 

4) Sephora Rouge Infusion 

Texture: Feels like a gloss initially but dries up after, and it has a lipstain effect

Scent: Reminds me a little of Baby Johnson's Shampoo, soapy scent

Colour/Swatch: Red Essence, browish-red pigments

Product Rating: 8/10

I'm a red lipstick kinda girl, and so I am bias here. This stays pretty well on the lip, it is easy to apply but you will have to take extra care when defining the edges as this product has a slight lipstain effect. This is more long lasting than Too Faced Melted. However, I find that it dries up my lip once the product sets on the lip. 

5) Tarte Lipsurgence Lipgloss 

Texture: Moisturizing but sticky

Scent: Reminds me of marshmallow

Colour/Swatch: Blissful, looks coral but appears almost nude on my lips

Product Rating: 7/10

I love that it is from Tarte which is another green brand, especially for a product that I apply on my lips and may consume. However, I generally dont like sticky lip product because it annoys me when the wind blows and my hair is stuck on my lips. Not a sexy thing. That being said, this product would look great in photos and on stage. I find that my lips look extra juicy in photos with this on. Haha! 

That's all! I hope you find this helpful in deciding if you should buy this set! 
It will only be available from now to 21st Sept and I heard that it is while stock last!