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Donned in theWYLDshop's fashion, G and I headed out of Clifford Centre in search for a new spot to do a quick OOTD "photoshoot". We were trying to incorporate "Clifford Centre" into the photos. I will be honest, it was awkward standing on the steps with the guy on the right and people walking by so I suggested taking the photos while I'm on the escalator. But it was going to be a challenge... Why?

Well, the escalator that I am on... it was going down rather than up. So what I had to do was to turn around and face up while G was going up the escalator on the other side, trying to get a good shot. It required precise timing and a few rounds up and down the escalators to get these photos.

I like doing things as organic as this rather than just posing at a spot. I think the dynamics of the actions required help to take my mind off how to position my limbs and how to exude a certain type of expression for the take.

I can tell you this fact, I was trying very hard not to laugh throughout the "shoot" at G’s reaction when she was trying to capture the photos in that short time span that we have on the escalator and secondly, from a guy who got confused. 

Here’s what happened: 

I am assuming that he uses these escalator frequently to know which one was for going down/up. So he walked to the escalator that was going down, but he was shocked thinking that he was about to get on an escalator going up (we all have moments like that) because I was facing up. We punked him! His reaction and expression were classic~ G was clueless to this but oh boy~ I was trying sooooo hard not to laugh and I could tell that he was a little embarrassed by the situation.

That being said,
we got a pretty good shot to show off the sophistication of this black lacy Manhanttan Dress! 

Paint It Red's Manhattan Dress - theWYLDshop
Le Specs' The Villain - theWYLDshop

Photo taken by G with an iPhone.
theWYLDshop can now be found at Clifford Centre #01-12B