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I No Longer...

This quote by Meryl Streep phrased the conclusion I have come to derive by this period perfectly. Things haven't been smooth since the later part of 2013 and for most of 2014 despite the various "high" points during these few months.

I have come to understand that I should live my life more for myself than for others. Don't take my words wrongly, like Meryl, I have come to see that it's pointless to make decisions and choices that benefit someone who only cares for themselves. I have done that a lot for most of my life and it took me a whole lot of stress, sadness and anger to understand certain types of people better.

I bear them no resentment. I merely reach this enlightenment.

Having said that, traveling these few weeks have also revealed the balance to the negativity that I have experienced.  In a way, I would like to think that it's the mysterious working of the world to let me know that the good still exist.  I have been blessed to have people on my life, looking out for me and placing my needs above theirs and giving unconditionally to me.

Thank you.