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Y.S Hair Studio: Great place to check out for a new do

Hey hey!!
I did something drastic recently...
I chopped off my long locks!

I have had long hair for years now for pageants and sorts...
In fact, I was required to have my hair long.
However, keeping hair as long and thick as mine in a climate like Singapore...
It was killing me.

So, I decided that I need a change and to do something about my hair because I was also getting headaches from the weight of it.

Now~ I am not too sure about you but I am very particular about who I trust my hair with.
Until recently, I was still on my search for a hair stylist that can work magic on my crowning glory.
So, once I found THE hair stylist I'm hooked and recently, he opened his own studio.

Hair Stylist:
Contact Number: 9785 9847

Opening Hours:
Daily open from 10am - 8pm
Close on Thursday


So previously, most of the photos of curled hair and dyed hair were all done by him!
Naturally, now when I am determined on doing something drastic, I look for him.

To be honest, I was so happy with cutting away a huge chunk of my hair. I didnt feel like it was a waste etc.
The main portion of my hair has been pretty dry with all the dying, in fact, I am trying to grow the coloured parts out.

It's not bob short length but this has been the shortest my hair has ever been in years and it's been refreshing!

Before and After with blown out curls!

Without the curls, my hair looks like that below!

Right now, I got a pretty cool promotion for my readers if you are looking for a new do!
Y.S Hair Studio is offering
2 for the price of 1 service for haircut
(Payment will be on the higher rate)
Simply quote "Jody" when you make an appointment with him 
via his number or when you meet him in the studio!

So you can bring your mum, daughter, son, father, friend, partner along for this deal!
This offer is valid for the month of October only!

Besides, haircuts~ Ace is a great at styling hair for events (my pageant hairdos were all done by him) and a master at hair dyes!