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Luxe Herbal: Treatment of Oily Scalp [Sponsored Review]

You've seen my advert on Luxe Herbal, here's my review on their service and treatment!

I used to have hip-long hair length, my scalp tends to be quite oily while my hair ends were dry.
I had a haircut a week plus prior to my visit and treatment at Luxe Herbal (making dry ends no longer a concern) so, my main issue was my oily scalp.

Before treatment, a consultant will sit down with you in a neat warm room to go through some general questions in regards to history of your mane issues, followed up by a scan of your scalp and hair conditions.

Overall, the salon has a neat elegant look with comfy chairs to seat on and iPads with quite a nice mix of movies available to watch while you get your treatment done.

Here is the breakdown of my treatment for my oily scalp:

1) High Frequency Therapy
- Used to stimulate scalp and kill off any germs or bacteria

Do not be alarm if it makes a slight zapping or buzzing sound.
I was told that it may sting a little but it didn't for me, so just something to be aware of.

2) Comb Massage with wooden comb
- Used to stimulate scalp

I felt like a child having my mum comb through my hair, and I found it quite relaxing~ haha!

3) Wash
 They used a minty shampoo that left my scalp feeling refreshing and I also note that the shampoo chair angle was just right, and I didn't need to strain neck or engage my entire core muscles to lift my head up.

4) Scalp Massage with Ginger Wine Tonic & Lemongrass Oil on ends
- Ginger Wine Tonic is massaged into scalp to prepare the pores on your scalp for the absorption of the herbal remedy

- Lemongrass Oil is applied to the ends to moisturize hair ends while steaming

I was told that this Ginger Wine Tonic was specially formulated here, so you cant get it anywhere else. It has a warm-heating sensation. Do note to inform them if it drips onto your face, because it will feel absolutely uncomfortable on your face. But it was pleasant and refreshing on the scalp.

5) Herbal Mask Treatment
Contains ginseng, amla, he shou wu, fenugreek, dangui and brahmi
- Has the effect of boosting blood circulation and detoxifying the blood
- Supports hair growth and reverse premature graying of hair
- Combat dandruff, scalp irritation
- Toughen the hair at the roots to prevent detaching and promote stronger and healthier hair growth
- Helps the body adjusts to and diminishes stress

This herbal mask is left on and steamed for 30mins. It felt cooling on my head, and it does smell quite herbal. I was also told that Luxe Herbal formulated their very own recipe for this mask that is specially concocted with premium Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs.

6) Wash and Blow & Dry
After 30 minutes, the mask is rinsed off  with the same shampoo. This time round, my scalp was massaged during the wash. This was followed by a conditioner and further rinsing. 

Then once I was back at my seat, a warm shoulder beanie was placed before my hair was blown semi-dry.

7) Intense Scalp Massage with Hair Fall Rescue Tonic
- Helps blood circulation

The scalp and shoulder massage was really good! And after that, my hair was blown dry and styled.

8) Infer Red Therapy
- Assist penetration of tonic and improve blood circulation

The therapy was for a duration of 10mins and it felt slightly warm.

Overall Thoughts & Results:
The entire treatment lasted about 2 hours for me and cost $150 for my treatment.
That being said, the cost of the treatment is based on individual requirements and needs.

So, just how well did the treatment went for me?
Taking a look at my scalp scan before and after the treatment, there are some significant improvement!
Before, my pores were covered with dead skin cells and sebum (Top left-hand corner) and I had a huge clog in one of them (so gross! yuck!)!!!

After the treatment, you can clearly see that the dead skin cells and sebum are gone and the clog has shrank! I was told that I will require a few more session to get it cleared completely. I can now see what Luxe Herbal dare to claim that they are efficient in delivering results with just 3 treatments. 

As for the scent, there was hardly any herbal smell left after it was washed off. There was a hint of it with the scent of shampoo and conditioner used. Personally, I am ok with the herbal scent. If you wash your hair regularly with a fragrant shampoo, the smell will fade away faster. I use a mild natural shampoo so the herbal smell lasted 3 days for me.

If you are keen to give Luxe Herbal a try, I got a special promotion for you!
Instead of paying the full price of $150 for one treatment, Luxe Herbal is offering:

$15 for first-time customer + free Fibre Plus* worth $15
* Helps to improve hair ends and protect them

Simply quote "Jody" when you are making your appointment or when you walk in!

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