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MAAD: Organisation of Illustrators Council Portraits After Dark (7th Nov 2014)

Last Friday, I went down for MAAD at Red Dot Design Museum and chanced upon a corner with artists doing portraits!

It seemed really interesting, so my guy and I decided to be part of it and we were lucky that there was an empty slot at the end. So, we got ourselves on the list and once it was our turn~ it was 20 minutes of "posing".

What that really translate into was minutes of small talk with half opened lips, into talking out loud and laughing. It was a little weird to have heaps of eyes looking at you, tracing your features out and transferring what they see into paper.

The results from the various artists were all very interesting.
A few of them left us laughing out loud! Haha!

In the end, we got 4 of them for keepsake at a price of $45.
Want to get your portrait done? Jump over to OIC's Facebook for updates on their next session  and get yourself registered as a sitter/poser!