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Jacqueline Burchell Brush-On Gel: Artsy Hipster [Sponsored Review]

If you have been following my Instagram or Clozette profile, you would know that I love playing around with nail polishes. Recently, I stumbled upon Jacqueline Burchell in one of Public Garden's Flea and I got to say~ I love this brand and their products!

 I made a purchase of their "I Am Peranakan" set and I love how vibrant the polishes are and how easy the application is!

Prior to my Wanderlust adventure, I headed down to their booth again and I got their Artsy Hipster set.
The special feature of this set is that rather than a normal nail lacquer, all the nail colours in it are gel polish!

With 4 different gel polishes and 1 sealant (5ml each), this Artsy Hipster is one of Jacqueline Burchell's newly formulated Brush-On Gel collection that requires no UV or LED light to dry!

To Use:
Step 1: Buff Nail with buffer block to remove shine.

Step 2: Apply 3 coats of colour to your nail, top it off with Brush-On Sealant.

Step 3: No UV or LED light required for drying! (Dries like normal nail polish)

Step 4: Enjoy your new Gel Manicure! (Lasts 10-12 Days)

Step 5: Remove by wiping off with Soak Off Solution.


Texture: Like normal nail polish, goes on easily and smoothly

Scent: Floral Scent for the nail polish shades, normal nail polish scent for sealant

Hydroxyethyl Acrylate, Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate, Propeonic Acid, Hydroxycyclonexyl Phenylketone, Silica.

*May contain Mica Titanium White, Quinacridone Red, Burnt Umber.

  • Applies on like a gelish polish, allowing some time to play around with the positioning and application of the polish
  • Does not require UV or LED light to dry
  • Removes like a normal nail polish
  • Safe from nasty chemicals such as Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate
Cost: $60

Product Rating: 9/10

This is my first time using Brush-On gel polish that doesnt need UV or LED light to dry and it is quite interesting. It dries under sunlight or even room lights! This makes it such an interesting medium to use when creating nail art because, if I need more time, then I just have to ensure that I keep the nail in the shadows and it dries in a matter of seconds with the application of the Brush-On Sealant.

Shades wise, except for Passion For Life (red shade), all the other 3 shades are quite faint with Accetance Of Originality (nude shade) the faintest. So, these shades need more than 3 applications to build the colour up (at least 5). It last up to a week for me but this varies with your lifestyle.

As for removal, no mess or headaches~ these polishes can be removed the usual way with a nail polish removal.

They have 2 other Brush-On Gel collection: Hopeless Romantic and Urban Sophisicate
You may view the collection here or view their collection of nail polishes here!