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Lush Aesthetics: LED Teeth Whitening [Sponsored Review]

Hi everyone!
I hope the festive season has been very pleasant for all of you despite our constant melted snow showers. Talking about Christmas, the phrase "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" is no stranger to everyone and I can remember the time when I was oddly toothless too. Those were the days, fast forward the years and now, all my milk teeth are gone and my teeth are all fully grown.

Then comes the issue that most of us will face... teeth with stains :/

Granted, I have been rather blessed~ I have my fair share of proper oral hygiene habits (credits to my scary school dental nurse form my River Valley Days), and have gotten a couple of whitening treatments in the past during my active pageant days because no queen is queen worthy without a sparkly smile ;) But my constant love for teas meant that I can't keep my teeth pearly white for long.

Being a big tea drinker, my sparkly teeth don't last long.

A few days before Christmas, I was blessed to get "Sparkly White Teeth" by Lush Aesthetics. In the past, the whitening treatments that I have done are: Whitening Toothpaste, Whitening Strips and Tray-based tooth whitening. These treatments require patience and dedication to see results as they are rather time-consuming,

The whitening treatment offered by Lush Aesthetics is their LED Teeth Whitening. 


Our teeth suffers discolorations from various factors – aging, smoking, coffee stains, wine stains and medication. The LED Teeth Whitening brightens and lightens your teeth dramatically in less than an hour. The LED Teeth Whitening technology uses a non-peroxide gel and provides a quick effective, painless and non-invasive solution for a bright white smile.

The treatment is suitable for people with sensitive teeth. It is safe and effective with no damage to teeth enamel or structure. There is no use of heat, needles or drills during the procedure.



Before the start of the treatment, the consultant would provide me with a breakdown of the treatment and evaluate the shade of my current teeth in the Consultation Room.

I was also informed about the possible outcomes of the treatment and all the possible side effects that might happened after the treatment: ucler, soreness of teeth and gum, increased in sensitivity, white spots on teeth etc.

Rinsing of Mouth

Then, I was brought to the treatment room with a tiny cup of mouthwash on the sink for me to rinse my mouth with.

Preparation, Lips and Gums Protection

After rinsing my mouth, I laid down on the bed provided and I had vaseline applied to my lips before a cheek retractor was fitted into my mouth. Then, a layer of gelish gum protector was applied diligently and set with a few seconds of LED light.

Application of Whitening Gel

This process involves applying the non-peroxide whitening gel on the teeth. 

The next step was to expose the whitening gel to the LED light which will activate the ingredients in the gel to whiten and brighten the teeth. The upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time. 

Each LED Light Exposure time is for 20mins and there is a timer countdown on machine screen to inform you of the duration of the treatment.

During this duration, I was left alone to relax with a bell to ring if I needed any assistance. It requires a little focus to keep my head still and to expose both my upper and lower teeth to the light. I had to keep my mouth slightly open as my upper row of teeth covers the lower when I bite. As for the sensation, it was slightly warm and there was some tightness around mouth area but it is all pretty tolerable.  The other discomfort that I had was when my saliva pooled in my mouth, which I ended up swallowing... after that, I learnt not to "store" my saliva. Haha.

I thought that it was nice that I was checked upon after 10mins, on the consultant own's accord, to ensure that I am comfortable.

If you are an anxious sort of person and 20 minutes may seem relatively long to you, the best bet is to close eyes, relax and mediate. The machine will beep when there is 1 minute left and prompt when the 20 minutes are over.

This process is repeated twice, where the gel will be wiped off and reapplied once more and left exposed to the LED Light for another 20 minutes.


Once the second 20 minutes of LED Light Exposure period is over, the whitening gel will be wiped off with cotton buds and the gum protector will be removed with a toothpick. Then, the cheek retractor will be taken out and the treatment ends with a final mouthwash rinse.


Duration: About 1 hour (40 minutes of LED Light Exposure + 20 minutes of Preparation and Removal Time)

Overall Ambiance: A mix between a clinic and a spa. The room that I was in has a mini sink for rinsing.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of the treatment is pretty visible straight after treatment. The underlying yellowish tint of my teeth are significantly lighter.

Right after treatment, we did another comparison of the shades of my teeth and boy~ was I amazed!
My results are 5 shades lighter in an hour after treatment!

From S26/24 to S14/12
(Shades in this photo looks more yellowish due to the lighting in the room)
 As for the side effects, my gums were slightly sore for 5 days after treatment and I had a mini ulcer on the lip that developed after 2 days (took 3 days to heal). There wasn't any increased sensitivity with my teeth or any permanent white spots.

As for the longevity of the results, I was told that the results can be rather long term, lasting for years depending on your lifestyle habits. Here's a comparison photo after 10 days:

Before: Taken before I started treatment.
After: This is the result of my teeth after 10 days with my usual lifestyle habits with a slight reduction in the consumption of black tea.

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