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OMY.SG: Panasonic Cooking Demo Session with Panasonic bread maker SD-P104

Last weekend, I attended Panasonic cooking demo session that was co-organised with OMY.SG and taught by women with experience! It was held in a pretty small room, with Panasonic home appliances all around and mind you, we are talking about convectional and microwave ovens!

What with Christmas approaching, this session taught us how to ultilise Panasonic bread maker SD-P104 to make breads, buns and even the local delight, muah chee! I'm amazed by how one little appliance can  be used to create so many things, one of the lady even made jams with it! 

It was a demonstrating session, and it was challenging to see from the back, would have loved the session more if it was a hands-on (because doing is learning) but overall it was a nice session with lots of chats and food!

Talking about food, let's move on to the recipes! 
Do note that all of the food below are prepared with Panasonic bread maker SD-P104, if you do not have the same machine, adjust the instructions accordingly to yours or prepare the dough with hands and bake accordingly!

And the best part of making breads/ buns at home on your own?
You know what you are consuming!


75g Whole wheat flour 
175g Bread flour 
10g Butter 
1 tsp Salt 
2 tbsp Castor sugar 
1 tbsp Milk powder 
200ml Cold water 
1 tsp Instant yeast 
10g Black sesame seeds 
30g Raisins 
10g Melon seeds
30g Sunflower seeds 


1. Place above ingredients (except mixed nut and yeast) in the bread pan. 

2. Place yeast into the yeast dispenser and nuts into the nut dispenser. 

3. Select Menu no.2 for “Rapid “ mode, and select “Raisin” mode, next press start. 

4. Once ready, remove bread from pan, leave to cool before cutting. 

*Note: Best baked in Panasonic bread maker SD-P104

Baking time: 2 hrs using “Rapid” mode


250g Glutinous rice flour ---mix with--- 375ml Water 
1 tbsp Shallot oil 

60g Fine sugar 
150g Ground peanut 
Some roasted sesame seed (blended) 
(Mix above together only when ready to serve) 


1. Place glutinous rice flour, water, and shallot oil in bread pan 

2. Select mode no. 2, press start. 

3. In last 10 minutes, stir dough with wooden chopstick. 

4. Once ready, cut dough into bite size and coat with peanut mixture. 

5. Serve. 

Note: Cooked in Panasonic bread maker SD-P104


A. For dough: 
280g High-gluten flour 
1 tsp Salt 
50g Butter 
25g Egg (beaten) 
3 tbsp Castor sugar 
2 tbsp Milk powder 
160ml Cold water 
1 tsp Instant yeast 
Some black sesame seeds
½ Egg (for egg wash) 

B. For fillings: 
Yellow/White Onion

C. For toppings: 
30g Mozerella cheese 
Some paprika 


1. Add all the ingredients into the bread pan except yeast into the yeast dispenser. 

2. Select bread dough no.9, next press start. 

3. Press “Stop” when you hear the beep sound. Take out dough. 

4. Use spatula to divide the dough into 12 even pieces, shape them into balls, cover with towel, rest for about 15 mins. 

5. Shape them into desired shape.

6. Spray water on it and allow it to ferment for about 50 mins ( till dough rise double in size at a temperature of 40C).

7. Egg wash bun, and make an incision in the middle of the buns, length-wise and fill the center with the tuna mix.

8. Sprinkle cheese and paprika on top and bake in a preheated oven at 200C for about 14-15 mins. 

Note: Dough best prepared in Panasonic bread maker SD-P104. Best baked in Panasonic microwave oven NN-DF383B.


A. For bread: 
350g Bread flour 
1¼tsp Salt 
1 tbsp Olive oil 
 225ml Cold water 
1 tbsp Castor sugar 
 1 tsp Instant yeast 
1 tbsp Milk powder 

B. For toppings: 
200g Cherry tomatoes 
80g Black olives 
2 tbsp Olive oil 
Some Black pepper 
Some rosemary & paprika 140g 
Mozzarella cheese (cut into 1cm cube) 


1. Place all the ingredients into the bread pan except yeast in the yeast dispenser. 

2. Select menu 10 and press start. Display shows 45 minutes. 

3. Once ready, remove dough from the bread pan and knead it on a lightly floured surface until elastic and springs back when touched. 

4. Divide dough into 2 portions, shape dough into a flat circle and place it onto baking paper. 

5. Press the cherry tomatoes, black olives and mozzarella cheese into the dough. 

6. Leave dough to rise at 40C for about 50 minutes or till it doubles in size. 

7. Brush the surface with olive oil, sprinkle with black pepper, rosemary and paprika. 

8. Bake in a preheated oven at 210C for about 16 minutes.

Note: Dough best prepared in Panasonic bread maker SD-P104. Best baked in Panasonic microwave oven NN-DF383 / NN-DS592.


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  2. Where can i get the recipe to make jams using this machine?

    1. Hi, if i'm not mistaken.. it came together with the baking instructions for this bread maker.
      If you are looking for it, there are quite a lot of recipes online. The standard ingredients are the choice of fruit, sugar and pectin.