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I've been using BLACK PAINT® since May this year and yes, there are periods where I stop using them to review other skincare brands (part of being a beauty blogger) but I always revert back to BLACK PAINT®.

You have seen photo of my Before and After from my previous post on Black Paint, and it has worked really well for me. It hasn't been an overnight miracle but rather a progressive journey.

Black Paint Soap (Top Left), Unique One Sided Pad (Bottom Left) to be used with Best Water Toner, Oil Rose Facial Lotion, Black Sponge (Bottom Right) and Water Cream (Top Right)

Just like the success that BLACK PAINT® has achieved progressively over six years, being awarded once again for the Monde Selection Award “GRAND GOLD”, the highest ranking to rate a product that has achieved an average result between 90%- 100% for its quality.

BLACK PAINT® has been one of my favourite brands because not only is it an organic natural skincare brand (established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Miyuki Maeda), it is also based on the concept of using plant oil treatments to achieve healthy beautiful skin. 

That is why BLACK PAINT® skincare products are made from natural, organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essential oils, and Kishu Bichotan Charcoal that suitable for various skin and body parts. 

I have been sharing my success with BLACK PAINT® with my friends and since Sample Store approached me to share my experiences with the products, I thought that it would be great to highlight on certain key application techniques and pointers that I have come to established from my own experience and tips from the founder of BLACK PAINT®.


  • Correct application of the soap is important- it has to feel like melted chocolate.
  • If it gets tricky to apply the product onto your face directly with the bar, use your fingers to scoop and apply.
  • It will get messy- great way to wash your sink clean.
  • The soap will not dry as easily as it would in a humid climate like Singapore- ensure no leftover water in your bowl.
  • Product will sting your eyes- avoid applying too close to eye until you are in the shower to rinse them off.
  • Product will turn grayish and soapy as you massage with moist hands.

BLACK PAINT® Best Water Toner

  • Do not skip this step- this is vital to achieving healthy pores!
  • Best used with BLACK PAINT® pads but you can also use cotton pads or facial mask- to create like a toner mask.
  • Leave it onto your face with the pads for it to be effective as supposed to merely splashing and patting onto your face.

Personally, after cleansing, I pump 6-8 pumps onto the pads and leave them on my face for 10mins. This method makes a huge difference in my skin, not only does it make my skin feel more hydrated but it also aids in the absorption of BLACK PAINT®Oil Water!

BLACK PAINT® Black Sponge

  • Don't neglect this sponge- works well to keep the skin smoother.
  • Dry this well- squeeze out water by placing it between your palms and excess water by using the same method with a towel around it.
  • Best to air-dry it in a mesh pouch like the one in the photo above- prevents the sponge from ripping apart.
  • Use the sponge when it is moist and only with water.
Previously, I used to use the sponge to aid in washing off the soap but I realised that it only degrades it faster. So, only use the sponge after you rinse off in the shower and massage it over your face gently focusing on your T-zone areas.


Personally, I have experienced a pretty positive outcome with Black Paint's skincare range. However, it has come to my attention that the result varies with individuals (due to different lifestyle, body's reaction to ingredients). Hence, I would recommend starting out with the trial set (good for a month's worth) first to test the products out and to judge on its effectiveness yourself!

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Black Paint® is available at: 
ISETAN, B2 Westgate Mall Jurong East, 3 Gateway Drive, S608532
Takashimaya Department Store, B1 (Cashier at Bed Linen Area)


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