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Cyberbullying: To the person who called me fat

I've been following Supermodelme Sirens episodes, and during the judging part in one of the episodes Shi bought up something that I could relate to. She mentioned that people in the cyberworld have made comments about her "boyish" build during her pageant period and how it affected her. 

I recall the first time I read a nasty comment made by someone hidden with a nickname, nothing prepared me for the cyberbullying that happened the moment my name and photos are uploaded digitally. 

On and off, ever since I appear online via my pageant or my blog... there have been nasty comments made and to be honest., it hurts no matter what. In fact, I have started noticing a pattern. The comments always link things back to the pageant.

And today, was that one day that it happened again... Initially, the person made a comment asking me if I am going to be a mom soon which is totally acceptable because well, it was very vague. Then, when it appears that I didnt get his/her message... the comments started becoming nastier.

Now, because I am the way I am... I am not offended at all when someone calls me fat.
I take it that I've come a long way from always being picked by the nurses for being too skinny and suspected as anorexic. In fact, I really think it's very funny how this person tries to pick on me and even include the pageant insult in.

Calling me fat does the least damage on me, because I know that I have a healthy body.
Granted, my body would be nicer if I am a little more toned~
But I am healthy and I am comfortable with the way my body (and face) are.

Which lead me to wonder, who else does this person prey on?
And how do people cope with cyberbullying? Should I fight back with nasty comments, be pleasant but stand up for myself or ignore? 

In the end, I choose to go with overcoming hate with love and humor.

This person isn't the only one, there have been a few... but today, this person finally made me realised something as I spent my day doing my work and being all happy from the weekends with the guy who loves me.... that this person has his/her own insecurities and hence, he/she is seeking for some sort of strength from demeaning others.

So, I am sharing my story... because if you are being bullied, you are not alone and you don't have to overcome it in silence. If you are the bully, stop and reflect on your actions.

Regardless of who you are, the bullied or the bully:
Recognize your own beauty and flaws. 
Love your imperfection for they are what makes you unique.
And, learn to love a little more.   

And to the person who called me fat,
in all honesty~ I dont know what's your purpose but yes~
I have a chubby face and a flabby tummy, and I am still of a healthy size,
but I can do more to be healthier and toned.

That's a given.