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Charis Naturals: Studio 78 Paris Bi-phased Water Foundation [Sponsored Review]

When it comes to foundation, I look for one that has the least amount of harmful ingredients (so something that uses more natural than chemical/ synthetic ingredients), something that evens out my skin's imperfection without it feeling like a mask or oily and sticky and ideally, something that has some SPF! 

I have been collaborating with Charis Naturals to review some of their products and they have been a sporting bunch to keep coming back to me for my honest review. This time round, they are getting me to review one of the foundation from their new makeup brand, Studio 78 Paris!

Studio 78 Paris eases your conscience by proposing a new solution for women who are in need of a "green" makeover, by creating an organic make-up line high tolerance certified by Ecocert. Their laboratory has selected natural pigments from vegetal and mineral lands, in order to offer a natural and ecological make-up range, protecting the skin and respecting the environment.

YES to Health, YES to Beauty... NO to Chemicals!

This enhancer sublimated and brings our the natural skin radiance with translucency, thanks to its innovative formula, easy to apply: a highly pigmented mineral powdery phase combined to a toning aqueous phase.

This matte finish texture leaves the complexion perfect, natural and luminous.

The formula is enriched with organic AVOCADO OIL and organic GLYCERIN in order to moisturize the skin and in PALMITATE SUCROSE to smooth the skin and eases the application.

Available in 2 shades:
Energizing mist 01 - Warm light beige for light skin tone.

Enhancing dew 02 - Medium warm beige for olive skin.

To Use:
Shake Water Foundation well before use. Apply your natural liquid foundation with fingertips and blend onto both sides of the face from the nose outwards. Use light sweeping movements and take special care to blend past the jawline. For best results on dry skin, apply after moisturising well.


Texture: Watery, easy to blend, dries off matte

Smell: Floral Scent

99% of the total of the ingredients are natural
30% of the total of the ingredients are from organic agriculture

Cost: $68

Product Rating: 9/10

This is the first time I am trying a water-based foundation and it reminds me a lot like applying Sunkiller's water-based sunscreen. Haha! It's is very watery and it will drip off your fingers if you apply too much, but I like the consistency of it because it makes it easy to blend into my skin.

On the skin, the texture of this foundation feels very similar to how a mositurizer feels. It's not too thick or sticky and it allows the skin to breathe.

One thing to note is that you have to shake well before using it as the ingredients will settle.

The shade of the foundation is also very interesting, I have the one in Enhancing dew 02 because my skin tone is towards the "darker Asian shade" or aka olive shade. Initially, I was a little doubtful that the shade will blend well because it is peachy in tone but as you can see from the photo above, it blends seamlessly into the skin.

The packaging of this foundation is very similar to M.A.C's foundation old packaging (before the pump) or Loreal Nude Magique foundation, where you have to pour the foundation out. The only difference is that Studio78 Paris's opening is smaller due to the stopper. There is a tiny sticker covering the opening the first time, so do note to peel it off. Initially, I couldn't tell that it was is sticker and I actually prick a tiny tiny hole in the middle which took forever to pour out enough product.

Overall, I love this foundation. It has been a constant product in my makeup pouch because it fulfills most of my criteria. I find that this foundation works well to even out any minor imperfection with one coverage and helps to brighten my skin.If you are looking for a foundation with a thicker coverage, this wont do.

I advise against adding too many layer, the most 2, because that's when the shade builds up and you end up looking orange. Personally, I do a general application for my whole face with 2 drops of the foundation using a foundation brush and add on a swipe or two over troubled areas like the sides of my nose, dark circles and cheeks.

The great thing about this shade is that it acts well as a under eye concealer too because of its peachy tone (peach/orange counteracts blue/purple ) so you can skip a step for a quick makeup for the day!

This foundation last pretty well, more than half a day in our climate for me because of its natural and light coverage, it doesn't smudge or cake much like normal foundation. Personally, if I know that I will outdoors most of the time, I pat on some powder to reduce the natural shine and to help the foundation last longer.

Studio78 Paris Foundation applied to half side of my face.
Coverage is minimal but sufficient to blend away minor imperfection, lighten my dark circles and brighten my overall complexion for a natural no makeup look!

To view more of Studio 78 Paris products or purchase this foundation, head over to Charis Naturals!