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Valentine's Day: Outfit Ideas

As January is coming to the end and the month of love is approaching, I thought that it would be nice to have a series of Valentine's Day posts! 

And today, I am starting the series with the one question that takes us, ladies, hours to decide upon... 
What shall I wear?!
With special appearances of my 3 fellow Blogger friends (Tiffany, Juliana & Alice)!

 Now, before I go into what we would wear for day and night dates~ I would like to talk about colour scheme, wearing something that reflects your personality and ultimately, wearing something that you are comfortable in.

Colour Schemes
Valentine's Day is pretty much like Chinese New Year, the most common colour schemes are pink and red which are totally perfect because they symbolize love.

Then there are pastel colours that are all the rage because honestly~ almost everything in pastels look good and cute! And finally, if all else  fails~ you know that you can always rely on black and white.

Outfits & Personality
Now, I want you to take a few minutes to think about your personality.
If you are going out for your first date or having a ladies day for Vday, what outfit would reflect your inner self best? And if you are going out with your hubby or boyfriend, what outfit would spice things up (if you know what I mean~ Just being honest)?

Are You Comfortable?
The most important thing of all is being comfortable in what you wear, because if you aren't, it will show and you may just end up worrying more about how you look than enjoying the experience. So experiment with all the clothes you have in your wardrobe, and choose what you feel most comfortable in while looking Vday-ready.

Comfort includes the type of footwear too, so choose something with a heel height that you are comfortable in!


So with all that in your knowledge now, here's some outfit suggestions for a Day date which may include brunch, a stroll in the gardens, a movie marathon or even a trip to the zoo! 

Express your girly confidence with Juliana's outfit choice
Go girly by pairing a tutu skirt with a tube top and pop on some heels! Tone down the pinkness with a dark pair of heels like what Juliana has done.

White Crochet Tube Top: Agneselle
Tutu Skirt: Annica 
Necklace: Totallyjewel

Express your sexiness with my outfit choice
Be a little flirtatious with a sexy top like mine but keep things classy by being loose (loose fitting that is) and adding a pair of classy heels! No tight-fitting bottom with a low plunging top unless the length goes past your knees. This outfit is perfect for an "All Girls Vday" date or a fun flirty date with your special guy!

Earrings: H&M
Plunging Striped Cami BodysuitBebe
Red High Waist Skirt: Hey Adonia
Silver Custom-made Heels: Riccino

Express your cool vibes with Alice's outfit choice
If pink and being girly ain't for you, reveal your cool confidence with black and white like what Alice did! Pair a fitted skirt with a tube top to show off those sexy collar bone and wear an interesting statement necklace piece to add some colour to the overall look. 


Striped Tube Top: Agneselle
White Quilted Skirt: Hervelvetvase
Necklace: Pure Origin

And what about a night date, which may include a nice romantic dinner, or a romantic comedy movie, or even a stroll in the parks (yes, it's romantic)? Here are some suggestions!

Express your demureness in a classy outfit like mine
Midi dresses and skirts have been trending and I always find that these pieces helps to create a balance between showing some skin on top and hiding some skin below. The standard rule of staying classy is if you are wearing a revealing top, cover the bottom and if you are wearing a mini bottom, cover the top.

Paint Me A Love Song Midi Dress: Intoxiquette

Express your sweetness with Tiffany's outfit choice
Don on a comfy pink or pastel top with a black tutu skirt, having a sweet colour scheme from your waist up paired with a smile will allow people to sense your sweetness upon first impression because people tend you "scan" an individual from top to bottom! A sweater top like Tiffany's also helps to keep you warm during a movie date!

Necklace & Earrings: Pure Origin
Pink Sweater Top: Taobao
Black Tutu Skirt: MDS Collections

Express your awesomeness with this unconventional outfit
If you are the kind of lady that likes to be a little different when it comes to outfits, steer away from pink, red and pastel with the classic colours of black and white, and instead of frilly skirts and dresses, be a little different with pants or jumpers/jumpsuits like what I have on here!

Earrings: Nine West
Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Strappy White Sandals: Wardrobemess

Which of these Valentine’s Day outfits is your favorite?
Let us know in the comment below!

Jody Liu
Photos taken by: @Yongthye86 & @Jonethanlee