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Valentine's Day: Breakfast In Bed

Post Number Two today will focus on something yummy and romantic!
What better way to wake up to than to a homemade breakfast of love!
Now, I'm no Master Chef and in fact, my guy is the better cook... So, if I can do this~ So can you!
It's quick, easy and simple to prepare! All you need is a little practice and love to make this!

So what are we making?
Crepes with Blueberries and cream!

This recipe is good for 1 portion, roughly 2-3 crepe depending on your pan size.
So, please do go ahead and double up if you are making it for 2 people.

Crepe Mix

Dry Ingredients

You will need:
4 Tablespoon of All Purpose Flour
1 Teaspoon of Sugar
A Pinch of Salt
8 Tablespoon of Milk
1 Egg
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

Wet Ingredients

And here are the steps:

 1. Sift the "Dry" ingredients into a mixing bowl.

2. Add in the egg and mix the ingredients up.

3. Gradually pour in the milk will stirring your mixture.

4. Finally, add  in the vanilla extract.

5. The crepe mix should be runny, almost watery.

Cooking Steps

1. Heat the pan up with a medium heat. Butter your pan lightly once the pan is hot.

2. Pour the mix into the pan starting from the sides and working the pan to help spread the mix out.

3. Flip once you start noticing the sides of the crepe bending up and turning golden brown.

4. Heat this side for a quick 30 secs and it's done!

5. Repeat steps for the remaining mix.
Serving Ingredients

You will need:
Whipped Cream

Alternatively, you may use cheese cream and other berries

Plating Suggestions

I leave it up to you to decide how you want to plate it but here's 2 examples of what I did with my crepes!

To plate the way I did in to photo above, simple fold the crepes into quarters and add a big spiral of whipped cream on top. Scatter blueberries all over and add a few lumps of whipped cream around the plate.

 To achieve the way I plate the crepe in the photo above, simply squirt a row of whipped cream and a handful of blueberries in the center.

Fold in the crepe's sides, like a popiah. Repeat the same steps for the other crepe.

And once you are done with the 2 crepes, add a spiral of whipped cream in the center of the two with more blueberries!

And that's all!
A sweet yummy crepe dish for the perfect Breakfast In Bed :)

Do feel free to share with me if you tried this out!

Jody Liu