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Valentine's Day: Gifts For Him/Her

With Valentine's Day taking place next week, for all those who have yet figured out what to get for your loved ones... Here's some gifts to consider!

Accessories For Her

As we all know from past experience, last year during Vday there was a crazy queue at every Pandora's branch. This year, I suggest to all Pandora lovers to buy them online!

I would like to suggest getting your items from Pandora Sisters. They operate with a Pre-order Spree system and the prices they quote are about 10% - 30% cheaper! All you have to do is to inform them of the items' name, number and size!

Psst, they even have some of the limited edition items!

Their 2nd spree is ending on 10th Feb, and the best perk now is that they offer express delivery for Vday!


Accessories For Him

The latest craze accessory statement for guys are beaded bracelets! 
I suggest getting them from Tesori! Based locally, each accessory has details that are well thought, and is made with the finest of materials and handwork. Psst, if you want your beaded bracelet customized with different types of beads or etc, they do accept request! Simply drop them a message.

Items are mailed out with 5 days upon payment so, you have more than enough time for Vday!

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda crushing on their Grey Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet!

Order from TESORI HERE

Gifts That Makes A Difference

Now, if you want something a little more meaningful to give to your loved ones this year for Vday~
I've got to something exciting to share!

Shop with GiveBox, a local social enterprise that offers handmade products. Part of the sales proceeds will go into empowering and enriching the lives of elderly and disadvantaged women, like providing handicraft workshops and remuneration.

For this Valentine's Day, GiveBox is selling their Card Holder, Binder Diary and Keychain Straps that can be customized with your preference of the colour of the leather used and an inclusion of free embossing of 8 characters* (so you can add a name/quote). All items are made with 100% Real Leather!

The other special Vday items are the handmade rose bouquet! Made from good quality crepe paper, and all handmade by the elderly from Thong Kheng Welfare Society. GiveBox is selling these flowers as: A single, a bouquet of 3, or a bouquet of 12.

If you are not aware of the meaning behind the number of rose stem, let me help you:
1 = Love at first sight
3 = I love you
12 = Be mine

I've recently featured these handmade flowers, the single stem and the bouquet of 3,  in my previous Vday Outfit Post.

I'm not too sure about you but I always feel like while fresh flowers are pretty, they dont last long... So these flower are perfect! Undying flowers to representing undying love! Haha!


And with that, I hope you are more or less prepared to confess/express your love!

Jody Liu

This is an unpaid post featuring brands to support my friends' and  my businesses. That being said, I mentioned them because sharing is caring and I really think deals and gifts like these are worth giving a shout out! And yes, there are heaps of other gifts to give and represent your love on this one day!